3 Offline Map Apps to Try on Your Next Adventure

3 Offline Map Apps to Try on Your Next Adventure

One of the essential things to bring with you whenever you’re in a foreign land or a place you’re not familiar with is a map. But will you actually bring a map with you anywhere you go? Wouldn’t it be better if we just rely on our smartphone’s map apps? However, there may be times that your map app wouldn’t be reliable when there’s no internet connection, right? It would just make things worse for you.

That is why they developed offline map apps. These offline map apps are still reliable without relying on any internet connection or cellular data. There are a lot of benefits to why you should opt for an offline map app instead of an online one. Have you ever tried hiking, trailing, trekking, or fishing? Did you have any reliable internet connection?

The answer to that question wouldn’t be much of a surprise since there isn’t any reliable internet connection, right? That is one of the greatest reasons why you should opt for an offline map app. You don’t have to rely on any internet connection just to know where you are right now or to point you to the correct route. In this article, we will be giving you three offline map apps that would be able to help you navigate wherever you are.


One of the most recommended offline map apps is maps me , which is formerly known as MapsWithMe. You can directly download it on your Android, Blackberry, and iOS devices for free. You don’t have to worry about any ads or in-app purchases. The app would be able to accurately pinpoint your location wherever you are, given that you have downloaded the map.

All the content you see is generated by map enthusiasts, GIS professionals, or locals who like to contribute knowledge. You will be given access to their data on OpenStreetMaps that would be able to help you navigate to your desired location. It would be able to give you the exact distance from your desired location from your current location.

HERE WeGo Maps

HERE WeGo is one of the most famous offline map apps available today. It has offline and online features that you can rely on and is known to be one of the most serious competitors of Google Maps. The app has a very simple and straightforward user interface, which makes it extremely easy to use, even for beginners.

The app mainly focuses on guiding you with your commute by proposing choices for transit options, and giving you the cheapest way for you to get to your desired location by car-sharing or on public transits.

Google Maps Offline

We are sure you have already used the online version of this app before. But we bet that some of you haven’t heard about the offline version that would still be able to give you an accurate location without having to rely on any internet connection? If you are using an Android device, you don’t have to install or download anything on your phone since the app is already built-in.

Google Maps offline is probably one of the most unused features of the app, and we really don’t know why. Even when it’s offline, it can still be a reliable source of navigation. You will have access to extensive information on maps on more than 220 countries, and the app does an amazing job of giving you places of interest, 3D maps, and so much more.


Well, there you have it! These map apps may be offline and don’t use the internet, but they are still as reliable as online map apps. You are more than welcome to try it out for yourselves, and you’ll never know when you’re in a place, and you don’t have any reliable internet connection, right? These apps may come in very handy.