5 Popular Emojis Used By Millennials


People can now show their feelings through ways that are different and unique. Individuals can now express and communicate by sending emojis on posts and messages. Adding emojis to texts can add more depth and sincerity to the message. Younger generations or the so-called Millennials use emojis almost every day and in every message and post.

Expressing what you are currently feeling can be shared in the form of emojis. When the time comes, wherein you can’t find the words to explain what you feel, select, and emoji, send it, and people will automatically understand what you want to say. Emojis are tiny and straightforward images but have meanings attached to them.

As the years go by, emojis have been growing, and there are other emojis newly created that people can relate their feelings and use it as a form of expressing. In this article, you will know five popular emojis that millennials use on their messages, tweets, posts, etc.

1.The Broken Heart Emoji

Millennials use the broken heart emoji not only when experiencing heartbreaks but also used when they are playful and childish. Heartbreak emoji is also used by a lot when they frown upon little things to be cute in some ways. This emoji can depict over-exaggeration of things to catch the attention of people they are talking to.

If you have a crush and are frustrated over little or big things, then sending a broken heart emoji will let them know you are fawning on the more serious side of this emoji. On a more serious note, the Broken heart emoji is often used for expressing the loss, breakup, and other hurtful setbacks in life. This emoji can also be used in expressing grief in other life situations.

2.The Sweat Face Emoji

This Sweat face emoji shows a smiling face with dripping sweat on the side. Clutches in life are most likely to happen. When you want to express that you had close calls in things or events happening on a specific day, adding this sweat face emoji can imply that your experience was so close, yet you still made your way out of it.

There is another way to use this emoji. You can use this if you feel uncomfortable or awkward in actual situations. Feeling of discomfort can be expressed by using the sweat emoji. When you send this sweat face emoji, the other person will know that you are not comfortable in whatever situation you are in.

3.The Yellow Heart Emoji

Young people often use the yellow heart emoji because it implies that you care so much for a person and that the friendship you have with them is unique and real. This yellow heart shows that your lover or close friend is happy and pleased about what you both have. An emoji that you can use and send to your true and loving friends.

The yellow color is very vibrant and luminous that often relates to enthusiasm, sunshine, and power. When you think of a person and see them with a heart of gold, you can correlate them to this yellow heart emoji to make them feel appreciated and loved. Out of all heart emojis made in different shades, this yellow heart is the most eye-catching.

4.The Nail Polish Emoji

Millennials casually express their feeling of confidence and high-level self-esteem level by adding this nail polish emoji. Others think that when people use this, they think highly of themselves. When a person is overly confident in real-life situations, this emoji can imply a level of arrogance.

Going through social media platforms, you can see people using this emoji whenever they make statements that no one can prove them wrong. If they are confident with whatever it is that they have to say, they can add this emoji, making their statement sound more confident.

But on the other side of this emoji, girls use this whenever they go to nail salons and get their nails done and fixed. Posting on social media with a caption of Nail polish emoji is popular nowadays. This Nail Polish Emoji implies that they had a great time pampering themselves.

5.The Red Heart Emoji

This Red heart emoji is very common and is not only used by younger generations. This heart is the most used emojis out of all that is created. Sending this bright red emoji will make people’s day without you even trying. This red emoji can be used on friends, lovers, family, people that you support, and more.

A red heart emoji symbolizes love, care, great affection towards a certain person or thing. When you want others to feel loved and cared for, adding this emoji will make them understand and feel important to someone. This emoji is very flexible because the red heart emoji can be used in any situation, whether it is virtual or real.

When you send heart emojis to people, each color has meaning to it, so it is best to know what each heart emojis created and not make misconceptions. The red heart emoji is known by a lot, especially to couples. If you want to show love by not saying the, I Love You, then send a red heart, and they will get the message behind it.


Whenever you feel something but could not express it or find the right words to say it, emojis can help you. These simple emojis can make it less hassle to think of words that can describe your emotions. Since the day it was released, people have been using Emojis, and a lot of them are enjoying using it.

Every emoji created makes communicating and expressing of feelings on a whole new level. When people use emojis, it will make messages and posts stand out and draw the attention of other individuals. But before using the emojis, you need to know the meaning behind it to depict your expression or feelings towards someone or something properly. Go on, give it a try, and see how much emojis can actually make an impact on your conversations.