Best Gaming Mouse For Professional Gamers

Best gaming mouse that every gamer should check

Imagine an excellent quality mouse to play an uninterrupted game on your PC? Well obviously, when there are impressive mice available in the markets, it would be absurd to not to have them.

Another question that might get raised by amateur players would be that why is it important to have one perfect mouse while playing games. It is essential that a perfect gaming mouse has to be durable, and provides comfort to the gamer as well as upgrade the gaming experience. A best gaming mouse can save your favorite character’s life and make him stronger to retaliate any fatal attack, which is of great importance for professional gamers.  

What makes a gaming mice worth having?

There are various factors which determine a mouse that is perfect for professional gamers.


A drop dead gorgeous look might be a settling way to start the best gaming mouse hunt. Mice that are ugly gives bad vibes to the gamer which may not let them concentrate fully on the PC. However, a striking color would be a choosy point for a gamer, as some prefer monochromatic colors while others want to have colorful mouse in their hands.

Accurate and quick:

The good gaming mouse has to be nothing but accurate and immediate. Not a single gamer would like a mouse that misses the shot or fails to satisfy certain levels of accuracy. So, a pro gamer looks for a precise mouse that helps in perfect shots and is quickly responding to each and every minimal details on your PC.

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What characteristics should be in mouse while choosing

Extra buttons:

If you play games like MOBA or MMO more often, some extra buttons for instant programming should be prioritized for such games. They are easily available in the market and are surely listed in this article.

New features:

There are several other exciting features that might attract a gamer’s attention such as extra battery, wireless mouse technology and much others are being introduced in the world of gaming mouse.

Top five best mouse for gaming:

We have compiled a list of some of the best gaming mice according to our research.


Steel series rival mouse
Image: Steel Series

If you are looking for a cool gaming mouse that has amazing features and performs excellent and has phenomenal balance. Steel series rival has to be the best choice amongst all mouse as it contains perfect proportion of each quality. Thus, it has grabbed the topmost position in our list of the best gaming mouse.

Best features of the mouse:

  • Organic LED display;
  • Sixty-million click switches;
  • Haptic engine feedback;
  • RGB light technology;
  • Adjustable weight;

There is no chance to miss any latest technology with this awesome gaming mouse. It is a complete mouse package for pro gamers and in addition with its solid features, the look of the mouse is also extremely attractive. It’s haptic engine technology is awesome for MOBA players.


gaming mouse with side buttons
Image: Logitech

Logitech is a classy choice for passionate gamers who believe that a mouse has to be durable and accurate to deliver high-quality performance even with a slightest click, this Logitech G502 is an ideal choice. It’s sleek design and built-in feature is a reason why it has gained one of the top spot in our best gaming mouse list. 

Best features of the mouse:

  • Optical sensor;
  • Contains 11 buttons;
  • 4GHz wireless interface;
  • Customizable USB cord;
  • PowerPlay charging compatibility;
  • Awesome sensor technology “HERO”;

This is the ultimate gaming mouse for all gamers who look for a mouse that offers cool features. However, Logitech has been pushed ahead from its competitors because of its wireless technology. Its sensor technology makes it worth the value.


Razer viper gaming mouse
Image: Razer

There is a reason why Razer Viper has managed to gain third position in this list, which is its light-weight structure. It is compact, steady and quick, but its performance is not bothered by its small size. It is one of the most responsive mice in the list. However, it has comparatively lower price than those mentioned above.

Best features of this mouse:

  • Optical switch;
  • 5G sensor;
  • Dots per Inch customized in 5 stages;
  • Extremely flexible Speedflex cord;
  • 1000Hertz ultra-polling technology;

This little mouse has so much to flaunt and talk about. It is a durable mouse which has the ability to cope up with more than 70 million clicks. It remains hyper responsive every time a gamer grab it. So, if you are looking for a powerful yet small mouse for your PC, this is the best choice.


best portable mouse for gaming
Image: Asus

Asus Rog Spatha is for every MMO gamer who has slightest interest to get a mouse smart enough. Asus has always gained favor from its users because of its impressive quality. Despite being one of the expensive mice, it is a popular choice amongst professional gamers. The structure of the mouse makes it look like the Lamborghini of the mice. It is heavy but extremely comfortable for long gaming sessions.  

Best features of the mouse:

  • Wireless mouse;
  • Maximum Dots per Inches (DPI) is 8200;
  • Twelve buttons for programming game;
  • RGB lighting;
  • Omron switches;

Rog Spartha might not be a perfect mouse because of its stiff buttons. But its features have got the heavier side to make it capable enough to maintain a position in top 5 list of best gaming mouse.


Corsair Harpoon mouse
Image: Corsair

So, for those gamers who are looking for a mouse in a low-budget, Corsair Harpoon is ideally best choice. Why ideal? Because it gives extremely flawless performance in less than 100 bucks. However, there is one drawback for left-handed gamers, which is that this Corsair Harpoon is only for right-handers. 

Best features of the mouse:

  • Wireless technology;
  • Long battery life;
  • 10,000 dots per inches (DPI);
  • Omron switches;
  • RGB lighting;

Such performance and quality in this price is indeed a reason why every amateur must have it first. This will be the best piece for these type of gamers to start off their gaming experience in a much lesser price.

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