8 Reasons to Should Buy Omega Watches


There are a lot of luxury sports watches on the market today. And because of the plethora of choices, looking for what seemed to be a perfect watch may be such a hassle. All these watch brands promise excellent watch work and attention to the smallest details, which makes it harder to decide on which brand to purchase.

If you are looking for a Swiss-quality sports watch, Omega watches are best for you. With their reputation established in various popular news and entertainment scenes, Omega has become the primary choice of many men for a sturdy and elegant luxury timepiece. While these alone are enough proof that this watch model is something that you should consider, we will give you more reasons you need to buy this watch.

  • Variety of collection

Omega Speedmaster is one of the most popular collections in this Maison’s timepieces. The fact that it was popular because Buzz Aldrin was wearing it when he landed the moon, this model was featured in a James Bond movie and was popularly the choice of music legend Elvis Presley.

However, aside from this, Omega also carries various watch collections such as the Omega De Ville, Constellation, and Seamaster. Each model is designed specifically for each man’s outdoor needs. Additionally, it is equipped with features that every owner can maximize on different occasions.

  • Excellent craftsmanship

Being one of the most popular watches around the world comes the responsibility to maintain a high standard. Since the 1800s, Omega is known to source local craftsmen in the field to guarantee its prime watch work. The company makes sure that they will meet the same standard as Louis Brandt, its founder, has established the brand. Omega is true to its commitment to producing watches with superior design and high precision, which makes it a notable brand for more than a century.

  • High-quality Swiss watches

You can never be called a Swiss watch if you don’t have the same quality as the timepieces created within the borders of Switzerland. This country produces the best watches around the world. In fact, many luxury watch brands are also made in this country. Because of that, Omega stands by its reputation.

Every timepiece that they produce is built with premium materials and authentic elements. This captures as one ingredient to create a quality product. Because of that, Omega watches can be a brilliant piece of an heirloom that you can pass on to many generations.

  • Precise watch mechanism

One of the greatest features of a Swiss-made watch is its precision. Omega provides its consumers with the most accurate time. With a process, every timepiece undergoes a series of testing to make sure of its high precision. In 1950, Omega recorded the most precise timekeeping in Geneva, Switzerland. And through the years, the company still maintained its integrity of providing the “Exact time for life”.

  • Innovative designs

A luxury watch, as most people know, is not just a piece of quality-made accessory. It is also known for its unique designs, which makes it more alluring. Omega innovates along with the trend for watchmaking. As an outdoor watch, intricate designs are important to make it stand out from other brands. Complacency is not with Omega’s vocabulary.

Since most watches are known to be susceptible to magnetic reactions, Omega developed their own movement that keeps its mechanism fully-functional even when around a magnetic field. This is the most powerful aspect of why NASA used Omega in space.

Additionally, these timepieces’ aesthetic appeal is more than just the ordinary. Omega combined the need for a watch to be efficient and appealing at the same time.

  • Luxury with less expense

With the promise of quality watch work, you may think that you need to shell out more cash. Contrary, Omega is actually an affordable piece for a luxury watch. For a budget-friendly price that ranges from $4,000 up to $15,000, you can already own an iconic Omega watch. Considering the quality watch work and the intricate design, this watch brand is indeed a great deal of choice.

  • Long-term value

Watch collectors and enthusiasts only have goals for buying a luxury timepiece: to wear them and to sell them. Investing in Omega watches is indeed a wise choice as well because this brand holds its value pretty well. Since the brand has established a good reputation, it can basically sell itself. Limited edition watches can actually double their value through the years.

  • A piece of history on your wrist

With its well-established image in various fields, Omega watch has created a legacy in the watchmaking industry. As mentioned above, the Omega Speedmaster model was used on the moon and other surface expeditions around the world, including the North Pole. Additionally, it was used in various sports activities such as the Olympics. Wearing an Omega watch is like becoming a part of the world’s memories. It’s an elegant and sophisticated way of being part of global history.

Where to buy Omega watches?

Looking for Omega watches is very easy. You can walk in at any Omega store which has locations around the world. There are also accredited boutiques and dealers globally. However, if you want convenience and a better view of all the collections, you can always choose an authorized online watch store.

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