Top 3 Reasons Why You Invest On A Tissot Timepiece


Tissot is a watch brand that many know well. Since its launch in 1853, the company’s timepieces have endured through a span of more than 100 years. A true testament to Swiss ingenuity, this brand has earned its acclaimed reputation. With so many great things about Tissot watches, it comes to no surprise that their timepieces are a marvel to behold.  If you are still not convinced, here is a list of why these watches are a must-buy for watch enthusiasts everywhere, and why you should consider investing in one, too!

  1. Material Quality

More than just the aesthetics behind them, luxury watches are also sought after due to their ability to endure the passage of time. With that in mind, Tissot watches are a prime example of material and build quality meant to last for generations and generations to come.

Starting with the crystals that they use, this brand uses only the finest of Sapphire, a material well-known to be the second only to diamonds in strength. Being both impact-resistant and transparent to allow for optimum readability, these watches are sure to be more resilient than most.

Aside from this, the brand uses only the best of precious gems and metals to adorn their finely made timepieces. The diamonds that they use all undergo the international system for diamond certification called the Kimberley Process. More than this, the gold that they use is precisely 18k gold, ensuring both beauty and longevity for their watches. For their women’s wear, Tissot also has the use of mother of pearl, a deep-sea harvest with a shine that is unmatched, and the fact that no two specimens are alike, ensuring every watch is truly unique.

Ceramic is another component that this brand uses to ensure build quality. Being one of the hardest materials in the world, this is often used in the external parts of these watches. More than just its resilience and hardiness, the material is also oxidation-proof, ensuring that it will never oxidize regardless of how much time passes.


  1. Its rich history.

To buy a luxury watch also means to become part of that brand’s history; in that regard, Tissot is no exception. With a century and a half’s worth of stories behind the brand, it should come as no surprise that there is a vivid past behind the brand.

Starting with its women’s wear, this brand was revolutionary in fashion development. The company developed exquisite pendant watches, which were used by the likes of French actress Sarah Bernhardt. Further down, its ever-evolving timepieces were also sought after and used by famous political entities such as Queen Elisabeth of Belgium.

More than that, this company has a particularly extensive history with racing. Swiss Racer Harry Zeifel was so impressed by the company’s watch that he sent them an autographed picture with the words “My Tissot is by my side at every race.” In 1965, the brand launched its brand of racing watches called the Tissot PR 516 with holes on its bracelet, which represents the steering wheels of these cars. The legendary timepiece’s machination genius did not go unnoticed as rally pilot Henry Bradley was so fond of his own wristwatch that he wrote its name on his car.

With such a rich history behind the company, to own one means to be part of its ever-expansive story.


  1. Ingenuity

The dawn of electricity came with a particular problem with watchmakers around the world. Electricity magnetized watches, thus affecting their overall precision. To combat this, the company developed the world’s first non-magnetic wristwatch. Having equipped their facilities with chrono-electromagnets, devices that generated magnetic fields to test their various watches,

The company created a product that would stay accurate despite electricity’s magnetic flows.

Aside from this, the company has also come up with several watch systems that have made them one of the world’s leading brands of timepieces. One example is the Powermatic 80; an invention of the company that allows the watch to be powered by wrist movement. Aptly numbered 80 based on the number of hours it has a power reserve, the wristwatch can be left alone for three days while still maintaining its precision.

Another invention is the Swissmatic 72. Being made in a production chain that is then assembled in modules, this watchmaker’s marvel offers up to 72 hours of power reserve.

To top all of this off is the company’s trademark Nivachron technology. Knowing that electronics are now a staple in everyday life, the watch company created its cutting edge to ensure watches stay accurate despite the various magnetic fields exuded. Featuring springs made of a titanium alloy that is both unaffected by magnetism and durable, the company’s history of creating non-magnetic wristwatches has culminated in this groundbreaking invention.


In A Nutshell

The last of the components that make this company such a big name in the watch industry is their water resistance. All wristwatches are made to undergo rigorous tests that emulate real-world conditions, preventing water penetration alongside gas and dust. With such a vivid history backed up by unparalleled technological ingenuity and overall build and aesthetic quality, it is no wonder that this watchmaker has made waves across the timekeeping industry. With both resilience and true luxury in mind, Tissot watches truly are some of the world’s very best.

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