5 IOS Emulators For Android To Run iPhone Apps

Best IOS Emulators For Android

The world of smartphones is dominated by two Operating Systems, i.e, iOS and Android. The iOS Operating System is the Apple’s creation while the Android is an open source OS developed by Google. According to a Survey in February 2017, Android captures the 81.7% market share while 17.9% is captured by the iOS. Android is being used by various brands of smartphones while the iOS works in Apple’s products only. There are a number of apps and games that can only be played on iOS, but not on Android. To make Apple apps and games usable on Android, several iOS emulators for Android have been released. Using these Apple emulators for Android, one can easily run iOS apps on Android. Also Check: Software House in Lahore

There are several iPhone Emulators for Android but not all of them works perfectly on your smartphone. So, in this article, we are going to list 5 best iOS emulators on Android. A good iOS emulator should have the following features.

  • Support for any Apple app and game
  • Should be Free to download (Most important feature undoubtedly)
  • Must give you an excellent user experience
  • Support for developers

Let’s have a look over some good iPhone emulators.

5 Best iOS Emulators for Android

Cider Emulator

Cider is said to be the best Apple emulator for Android. It is a limitless iPhone emulator and you can run ios apps on Android as much as you want. Cider is completely free to install and it won’t cost you a single penny.

The only flaw in the Cider APK is that it can’t be installed on all the Android phones. But still, you should try installing it on your smartphone.

cider apk download

Download apk


It is the best easy-to-use iOS emulator for Android in the list. This free to download apple emulator supports those applications too which require a jailbreak to run. Customizable themes, simple interface, and categorized apps make this app the best ios emulator for Android. To download IOSEmus emulator, visit iosem.us.

IOS on Android


iEMU can run almost all the iOS apps and games on Android. Although it is among the simplest iPhone emulators still, you are recommended to use the iEMU emulator on the smartphones with more than 1GM of RAM. The beauty of iEMU iOS Emulator is that you can download any other emulator using it.

Iemulator for Android

Download iEMU APK


This web-based iOS emulator not only supports Android but can also be used on Windows and Mac. It can be used easily on any web browser and this unique feature makes it one of the best Apple Emulator.

If you are an iOS developer, you can also use it in test mode for application development purposes. Visit appetize.io to get more details about this instant emulator.

Web based ios emulator for Android

All in One iOS Emulator

Now, you don’t need to buy an expensive iPhone to experience Siri. Yes, you get Siri with this iPhone emulator for free. It provides you many extra features including iPhone Camera.

Using this Android iOS Emulator, you can also download paid apps without paying a single penny. All in One iOS emulator has many other wonderful features but you can just experience the iOS 6 in it.

Final Words

The advancement of technology has made everything possible for us. And it is now really easy to run any app or game on non-supporting devices by using emulators and tools.

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