3 Best IQ Test Games For Android

IQ Test Games For Android

Are you sure of the knowledge you’ve is enough so far? Now test your own skills and knowledge with the help of best Android Application available in the Android market.

According to experts at the University of Montreal, every aspect of modern life – from technology to our eating habits – is destroying our brains and bringing our IQ’s down. There are lots of apps available in Play Store which claim to have an antidote. So, IQ’s must be up and it is important for the new generation.

Check out these best IQ test games from Google Play Store for Android and deliver outstanding performance in the upcoming tests with flying scores.

Here are the best 3 Brain Teaser and Games:

IQ Test – How Smart are you?

If you can score a more than 180 on this IQ Test game, you are a true genius! And if not then you need to improve your IQ by playing this game. If you always wanted to improve your General Knowledge, and intelligence, this application is just the right thing for you. This app tests your ability, mathematics, logical reasoning, and spatial reasoning.

The age matters when you fill the form and on the basis of your age difficulty of the questions in the IQ quiz depends, so be prepared and ready! Your IQ score is calculated on the basis of answered of the questions.

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IQ test game for Android

IQ Test Game

IQ Game will test your skills and accuracy in a limited time. This game will test your brain with the most intelligent questions regarding intelligence and mental sharpness. The multiple choice questions will be provided in the form of levels to test the IQ of your mind. The brainstorming questions will enable your mind to think and solve the difficult questions rises in your mind.

It contains different levels for the people with each level testing the difficulty of your mind. Clear the level and reach the top to earn the highest ranking on the leader board. The top leader of the board will be featured on Facebook page. The game contains addictive quiz questions to check the intelligence of your brain.

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Android Brain teaser game

Key Features of IQ Test Game:

  • Multiple Choice questions with the time limit
  • Earn Coins to unlock the next level
  • Hints and rewards for Loyal users
  • Share with friends to earn rewards or unlock answers
  • There is a list for difficult questions to save for later solve

IQ Test – Intelligence Test

The game checks your Intelligence Quotient (IQ), which will allow you to know the strength of your own mind. It measures your performance and evaluates your learning ability, memory, logical think ability, and creativity. This quiz game is developed for measuring your Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

How Many Questions Can You Solve?

Play The Best IQ Test game To Find Out You’re A Genius or Not!

This App consists of multiple levels once you passed the first one then the next level is harder than the previous. This application is for nearly all age groups kids, Teen-age, middle age and old age people.

Let’s see how far you progress keeping in mind the time constraints which make it more adventurous.

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IQ test game for Android