Conditions In Which Security Cameras Perform Better

Conditions in which security cameras perform better

They way simpler security cameras in stores, aisles, platform and other public or private places look, they are extremely complex and overwhelming when it comes to own one. It is a much bigger task it looks like, than if somehow you buy and bring at home, the performance often not satisfactory as it is shown on the manual and as the manufacturer claim.

I have myself bought four security cameras after one another in the past few years, but the performance was not as it should be, or you can say what the video clips and pictures look like in commercial security cameras. I have realized the difference between commercial and consumer use in this particular time and regret all the purchase I have made without knowledge.

Then again, it’s not too late to make amendments in the existing home security cameras. The given below are some measures and precautions you can make to get the high performance and videos just like or closer to the commercial security cameras.

Doing DIY to Security Cameras are not allowed

In the beginning, when the result of the security cameras that I have installed in my TV lounge was not satisfactory, have decided to replace its lens and fix it myself to get the best video outcome. I succeeded in replacing it with high megapixel, yet the outcome was not what I was expecting it should be, then gradually I have made more changes and the outcome was disastrous than before. The camera that cost $180 was by the time increased to $250 without and positive outcomes.

Therefore, making changes to the system is extremely not allowed, each and every component of the camera collaborate with each other to produce a specific level of outcomes. If you are not satisfied with the result, exchange your camera or consult to the company instead of making changes by yourself.

Putting extra lights

Have you noticed the video clips we often see on our TV screens are way too different than the clips of the security cameras that have been produced at home? They are of high resolution and ultra-high capacity security camera. In order to get that exact result, most of the people place extra lights near their security camera to get clearer images and clips the way commercial cameras provide.

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Best ways to install security camera

This method ruins the quality of the outcome pictures and make the faces of the people more blurry and distorted than before. Especially if your camera has the ability to capture in the dark and has night vision, then you must not provide artificial lights from the head of the camera nor you should place extra lights in the night.

Non Weatherproof camera shouldn’t be installed in outdoors

When you buy a security camera, read the manual carefully and follow the instructions. If the camera is made for indoor surveillance then it is designed obviously to remain indoors, but if it’s for outdoor purpose then it can work both in and out of the property.

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Non Weatherproof camera shouldn't be installed in outdoors

However, we make it complex and the result we got is our own mistake, especially when we installed a security camera who needs to remain indoors but end up on the porch of the house or under the bright sunlight. These indoor cameras are not sealed and built to stand in the rain nor they are capable to resist dusty atmosphere.

Installing kit

Most of the people do changes in the installing procedure and the place they are recommended to install. Few companies provide their own workers to give you hand in installing and make it quick ready to use, whereas some do not do so but the procedure is quite simple which doesn’t need any particular rectification in the installing kit. If the camera is recommended to fix on the wall, then it shouldn’t be installed on the ceiling, same goes to the ceiling camera.

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