Top 5 Free VPN Software to Hide IP Address

VPN Software to maintain privacy

In today’s world, Globally, people have adopted the Internet as a part of their life as it makes their daily tasks more manageable than before and provides them with various facilities which were not possible back then. As we know, every good comes with some wrong cause, and it’s just we have to prevent the harmful impact by finding the best solutions and try to minimize the adverse influence.

The Internet has indeed given us a vast opportunity, i.e., to learn, research about the new things, reach out to the customers globally, creating contacts through social media, lots of entertainment mediums, working online, and many more facilities. In this pandemic situation all over the world, we have to stay at home, and we can work from home, study from home, learn from home, which is only possible through the Internet facility. But one of the most important cons of the Internet is that of privacy.

All the activities done by us over the Internet is recorded and can be seen by others easily. We have gotten so much indulged in using the Internet for every kind of workday that we are providing our primary to minor details over the Internet without giving it a second thought.

It has become a need for us, but the data provided by us on the Internet for various uses can be taken by others who can be hackers. Hackers sell that information in the black market for earning vast amounts of money, and we never know to whom they sold are ethical marketers or the ones who can harm us in any way possible. They may hack our information and use the data to steal the money from the bank account, and they can even reach our home. They get to know about all the preferences we have and can use them against us.

Security and privacy

There are various laws made against the right to privacy, but very few are under-report, and others get rid of it very quickly. There are multiple reports filed against those hackers, but the process of catching takes time, and they may not find the culprit as they are always one step quicker than the law. So we should take precautions ourselves to the extent we can to prevent any hack of information to others and harm our privacy. We all know that the researchers and other IT departments are working on the development of security and privacy to stop all the information sharing, among others.


VPN – The Best Solution

One of the best solutions out of many solutions to maintain privacy over the Internet is the VPN (Virtual Private Network) which allows us to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPNs are used by users to securely connect their device with the Internet without getting tracked by others, their regions, and locality.

It connects us to the server, which is far from us, and when we use that VPN, it will show as if we are using the Internet from that country and place. Through VPN software, we quickly get access to various websites. We can protect ourselves through encryption technology such as IP security, layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, and Secure Sockets Layer, and then no one can locate us and see what we are doing over the Internet.

Due to all these reasons and to maintain privacy, various VPN software was established by many companies as they genuinely felt the need for it in the Internet World. Not only this, you can also login to your Wi-Fi router panel to keep your network secure and stable. All these companies keep on changing and developing their security system so that their customers feel secured and continue doing their work over the Internet without much hesitation.

Maintain privacy over the Internet

In this way, there are individual companies that became the brand when it came into existence due to their excellence in maintaining what they promised to their customers. They have made their software in a way that the hackers can’t break in the privacy intervening the security.

So according to customers, these are some VPN Softwares that they trust most when it comes to privacy:


When it comes to privacy, ExpressVPN is the best for several years and defeats all others standing in the competition. It provides extraordinary facilities to its users as many VPNs suffer from bugs, slow speed, data leaks. Still, ExpressVPN delivers excellent performance, the highest security, and 24/7 access to all major streaming websites and content. It utilizes secure encryption with an AES-256 cipher and a 4096 RSA Key. ExpressVPN runs all servers in RAM-disk mode, with no drives, and thus makes it impossible to store any logs or data on VPN servers and improves security.

Distribution of some prices takes place monthly, quarterly, and annually with some offers that come with terms and conditions, and they also have the 30-day money-back guarantee.

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CyberGhost VPN

It provides its users with online privacy and internet traffic security. They help the users to stay anonymous and serve through the Internet without letting the spy and hackers intervene in security and privacy. The company regularly publishes a Transparency report in which anyone can see how they deal with legal requests, Copyright infringement complaints, malicious activity, DDoS attacks, investigation reports, and other conditions.

Their data is encrypted using 256-AES protection, which is also used by the banks for security. There is an integrated Firewall, which makes it impossible for other programs to bypass the secure VPN tunnel, automatic Wi-Fi protection, and support for open VPN.

[appbox googleplay de.mobileconcepts.cyberghost]

Surf Shark

Surf Shark is the newer VPN service launched in the market with fully loaded features, high leak protection settings, and great support to ensure data remains encrypted and secure without leaks. It gives you an unlimited number of connections. Surf Shark utilizes secure encryption with an AES-256-GCM and IKEv2 VPN protocols and also offers 13 double-hop VPN server configurations, allowing you to encrypt traffic over two servers at the same time. It is one of the best cheap VPNs.

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It uses an open-source VPN protocol, which falls under extensive consideration as the most reliable and rigorously tested option. It has encryption with gold standard AES-256 and has a NAT firewall to block any unrequested traffic coming into your device. Vypr also features the kill switch, which stops your traffic from being exposed even if your VPN connection drops for a moment. It provides us with No DNS logs, no censorship, no location errors, no injected content, and prevents the leakage of data strictly.

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Private Internet Access (PIA)

It reliably encrypts your internet traffic and hides the IP address. It supports OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2, and L2TP/ IPSec protocols with the option to choose between UDP and TCP connections with AES 128-bit encryption. However, you can manually select the AES-256 cipher in the settings interface.

PIA has recently introduced support for WireGuard and is working on further development to take it at its best-secured network. There is In-built protection against IPv4 and IPv6 leaks, DNS leak protection, and a VPN kill switch on all platforms. PIA owns and operates its private DNS servers, which means that your DNS requests are resolved by themselves rather than ISP. It provides malware and tracking protection, split tunneling, port forwarding along with customizable encryption.

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