Watch Shopping: Pros and Cons of Buying From a Physical Store


If you are an avid watch collector, you may have already experienced buying from all types of stores — physical and online. Surely, you have observed both positive and negative to these two different options. The traditional way of buying online still seems to be more appropriate for many people. They find it more entertaining and engaging.


However, some people do not love going from shops to shops just to purchase a watch. Some prefer looking for other alternatives such as buying watches online. They find it more convenient and less hassle. In this article, we will take a look at the pros and cons of buying a watch from physical stores. Through this, you can weigh in if this is more applicable for you or you need to find more alternatives.


Advantages of buying watches from a physical store

Whenever a person is trying to look for various watch models such as Omega Special edition watches, their first instinct is to go to a physical store. After all, who else will have a collection of limited stocks rather than the manufacturer, right? This is one of the reasons why some people prefer to walk in on a shop to buy watches. It’s the assurance that the product will be available right away. Here are more advantages to buying watches in a physical store.


  • You can try on the watches – You will already have access to the watches on physical stores, which means that you can try them right away and see if it fits you or if it looks good on you. In that way, it will be easier for you to make the right choices.


  • You can ask for assistance right away – There will be salespersons to assist you while choosing your watch. You can ask them for suggestions and recommendations right away. Additionally, they can give you some insights into which model is the most sought-after.


  • You can get answers faster – The salespersons can also assist you with all types of queries about the product and its components. If you have any questions in terms of the watch’s features and functions, you can get the answers faster. You do not need to wait for an email response to get your answers.


  • You can easily ask for after-sales support – If the watch is store-bought, you can simply bring it back there if you need assistance for maintenance or repair. You do not need to send out your watch to a repair center. You can bring it there yourself. It will also be easier in case there are parts needed to repair your watch. A physical store got you all covered.


  • You can have a personal buying experience – Shopping is one of the best experiences ever. Nothing beats the experience of physically choosing the right item and trying them on.  By going into shops, you will feel the joy of walking out with a paper bag in your hand as a sign of achievement.


Disadvantages of buying from a physical store

If you usually buy from a physical store, regardless of which product you buy, you can’t help but compare it to other means of shopping as well. Simply because there are real instances where buying from a physical store can be a bit of a hassle. Here are some of the disadvantages that you may encounter when buying from a physical store.


  • The salespeople are sometimes too pushy – While it is nice to have a support person while shopping, it can sometimes be too irritating because they tend to push you to buy right away. This may be a hassle if you are the type of buyer who really wants to make smart decisions and does not just give on impulse.


  • You have to go to the store – Especially in the current situation, going out just to buy a watch may be impossible. You will need to wear protective clothing such as masks to make sure that it is safe. Additionally, some stores may still not be opened at this time.


  • The prices are sometimes more expensive – Store prices are sometimes fixed. Furthermore, if you are buying from an authorized dealer’s physical store, they may get higher prices compared to the brand’s boutique. This is where online stores become more preferable. They have huge discounts and deals that are not available in land-based shops.


  • There’s only a limited selection of watches – Most likely, there will only be a limited number of watch designs and models available in the store. If you are looking for a specific watch model or design, you may need to call them first to see if it’s available. Otherwise, you need to sign up for the waitlist.


  • The prices are sometimes undisclosed – For some reason, physical stores do not display prices, especially for more expensive products. Though you can just ask for its prices, it may be a little embarrassing to keep on asking about each watch’s price.


Conveniently shop for watches online!

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