10 Top Zoom Alternative for Video Meeting

10 Top Zoom Alternative for Video Meeting

In a brief amount of time, Zoom gathered tremendous momentum when many people from home worked because of the coronavirus disease. Last month, the video conference app reached a huge growth of more than 200 million active monthly users from a maximum of 10 million users. However, Zoom has fired security issues amid its steep rise. People were asked to refrain from using the app from schools and officials to separate governments. In addition, the Indian government warned its Zoom officers recently. In addition, some of its users say that the program sends information to China-based third parties.

Having said this, the zoom software is a perfect option for visual meetings due to its main features, such as video conference for up to 100 people at no additional cost and help in filming. The software is also available across devices and allows for mobile video calls. However, you are in the right position if you do not have faith in Zoom and are searching for able alternatives.

Here we list the top 10 free solutions to your video calling specifications in the Zoom program.

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Star-Leaf has been around for some time, but it was like a mystery that is only known to companies. It has a pretty good interface for camera and video conferencing. Star-leaf was formerly a luxury service for small to medium-sized enterprises. It was used for video conferences and calls. Their deal was extended to include a downloadable version due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The free edition is available and you won’t be disappointed if you want to download that one.

High-quality audio and video is an excellent aspect of this program. You can do it for virtually any system and it is very easy to deploy. You will record and download conversations as well. Windows, Android, and IOS are available. Enables video calls or conferences to be recorded ยท

Jitsi Meet

We have Jitsi Meet next on our list, which is a video conference program. It’s open-source, which means you can potentially make one for your company by using their technology. So if you’re a technology, that’s all you want to go to. The rest of us have a cool online edition and do everything you may like to do in video chat. You can reach the cloud, log call sessions, and back up to Dropbox, even get rid of participants in trolling.

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Google Meet

So, you actually already know about Google Hangout if you’ve been on the web for a while. It’s Google Hangouts’ corporate edition. It still does, albeit with extended functionality, what Hangout does.

You are only allowed to make a meeting if you are a G-Suite customer already. The meeting host will give meeting codes to non-users so that attendees can engage in the meeting. This is an outstanding alternative to Zoom, frankly enough.


Whereby, the cloud software is another perfect Zoom solution for video conferencing. This is a cool video chat app so you don’t have anything to download. All is in the cloud. This is also ideal for those who want cloud meetings but choose not to import apps from their computers.

Moreover, with many nice features, including locking a chat room, it is simple to use. But there are also a variety of inconveniences, for example, how many members in a chat room can be reduced. Note that even though a technical version is used, this remains.

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Cisco’s Webex is one of the best-known companies for video conferencing applications. And for decades it was there. This was the chosen app for cloud meetings and more users turned to Webex with the coronavirus lock-down. This is not just that they have a free choice, but it is. Webex extended the free edition due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can now hold a Webex video conference with up to 100 attendees instead of just 50 members. Call time is infinite. Up to 100 delegates.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meetings provides webinars, training, and remote meeting capabilities. Audio, video, screen, and audio sharing are available on the network as well as audio, recording, and calendar calls. Plans for 100 participants and 10 recordings begin at $10 host a month. For a webinar, plans for 25 participants start at $19 per host per month.

Intermedia Any-Meeting

Any-Meeting, under Intermedia Unite, puts together video, talk, and show sharing in a cloud-based network with VOIP capability and a PBX framework. The platform is stable, with HIPAA features and end-to-end encryption included in every issue. Any Meeting has options Starter, Lite, and Pro that range in cost according to the number of participants a business has. Users will, however, obtain Pro free until 2021.


A smaller video conferencing solution focused on the cloud, Blue-Jeans allows high-level streaming for smaller teams. The Me, My Team, and My Organization are its three support options. Users pay $19.98 per account a month for a limit of 50 visitors. My organization funds up to 150 members and a calendar of room systems. Many involved in a plan for My Company must email Blue-Jeans for pricing directly.


Another well-known Video Chat experience, Microsoft’s famous other application, Skype. The network supports up to 50 users, which is perfect for smaller businesses, for unrestricted free time. The app has a call recording feature that any participant can use for up to one month, and users can archive it and upload it. But users need to download the Skype program.


Discord video chat was a mystery that the gaming world has hidden jealousy. No, we heard of this incredible Zoom solution to video conferencing due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Interestingly, you can’t go wrong with Discord if you’re looking for all-inclusive connectivity tools. Although it was created for the gamers, the teams and groups are a fantastic tool. It includes instant messages, beautiful voice chat, and video chats. Their screen can be shared, live and a wide audience can be hosted.


There is no question that the world is new. And that those who remain powerful are those who understand and brace for a new standard. Visual conferencing is a standard and you can select from a wide variety of zoom alternatives.

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