Cider Apk For Android To Enjoy Apple Apps

Download Cider Apk For Android

If you are an Android user and want some iPhone apps on Android, then you should check out this IOS emulator named “Cider” which can run iPhone apps on Android. Everyone can’t afford an iPhone because of its budget. So, we have a solution for it. You just have to download the cider apk to run apple apps on Android.

Cider apk is also known for Cycada app which has many cool features, you can download it for free. There are few other IOS emulators, but this is the best emulator because it can run applications smoothly on your mobile device. It will depend on your smartphone version and specs as well.

In this article, we will tell you how to use it on your phone to enable iPhone games and apps on Android. The process is not complicated, you just have to follow the steps below that we have mentioned:

If you are a PC User, then we have some emulators for PC too.

Best IOS emulator

Advantages of Cider apk

  • It saves your money as you can play iPhone games and apps on Android
  • Free for everyone
  • Cool Apple launchers on your Android
  • Cider app runs almost on every Android
  • Developers can test their IOS apps

run iPhone apps on Android

How to download it?

There are a few simple steps to download the cider apk on Android. These steps are made for new Android users who don’t know about its settings. Because installing apk for new users for the first time is a difficult task. That is why we will show you step by step how to download the cider apk for Android.

You only need to enable the “Unknown sources” which can be seen in your mobile phone settings, allow the mobile user to install the cider app. This will take a few minutes.

run iPhone apps by enabling Unknown sources

Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

After changing the settings, simply download the cider apk from the given link below and install it. Run the application and enjoy the apple apps on your Android.

Download Apk


We hope that you will enjoy the IOS Apps by installing the cider apk. It may not work on older versions of Android but don’t worry, we have a solution for that. You can get other options as there are 5 emulators for IOS that we have discussed previously in the post.