How People Can Make Money From Snapchat [Easy Guide]

Make money from snapchat App

Google was the first giant who started the Adsense program in June 2003 and given the online publishers the hope of making money online. Since then, thousands of companies started to compete Google Adsense and many of them provided the fruitful services to its advertisers and publishers. Currently, we not only have ad serving companies for revenue generation but also a lot of other means have been introduced to make money online.

Blogging, YouTube, Facebook, SteemIt, and a plethora of others are there to rock. SnapChat is one of them and the most downloaded apps. Today, we have dig deep on the internet to find out how to earn money on SnapChat. You might have a question in your mind that how does SnapChat make money to serve us, we’ll try to answer all the possible questions about it.

What is SnapChat?

SnapChat, launched in 2011, is an instant messaging app. Through SnapChat, you can send videos, images, and other messages that will be disappeared after a specific time.

The value of SnapChat can be determined from the fact that Facebook offered several times to acquire it while in 2017, Google offered $30 Billion to acquire SnapChat.

How Does SnapChat Make Money?

Like Google, Facebook, and other internet companies, the source of revenue for SnapChat is advertising. Being a user, if you have noticed, SnapChat shows ads inside the application. They also sell various sponsored lenses and filters to make money.

Although there are several flaws in their advertisement system for the advertisers as they are unable to view the performance reports, still they are doing well. Even if you don’t have a phone, you can still use Snapchat on your PC.

How to Make Money from SnapChat?

To make money with SnapChat, there are several ways and tricks, but before starting with it, you have to make sure with the following things.

Build huge Audience:

Remember, the more the audience, the more the chances of making money from SnapChat. When you sign up for a SnapChat account, add all those mobile contacts to SnapChat who already have an account. In response, there is a chance that 75% of the contacts will add you back.

You can add unlimited contacts to your SnapChat and there is no penalty like Facebook and Twitter to add tons of contacts.

Earn money with snapchat by building audience

Consistency in creating the content:

Snap at least once a day. Majority of the popular SnapChatters share their content several times a day. Share a variety of content, like if you are advertising a product, share other things too, so your followers know that you are not always selling your products.

And yes, quality content is the key. Content does not mean to share any random thing, but to share something amazing to create engagement. There are also some apps like snapchat where you can get the idea of creating the content.

How to get tons of SnapChat Followers?

How people are making money on snapchat

Spread your Snapcode – This is the easiest way to add people to SnapChat. People can easily add you to their SnapChat by taking a picture of your QR code. So, spread your snap over the social media and share it on your other social media profiles like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, and other social media.

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best snapchat filters

Invest in SnapChat Shoutouts – Followers can also be increased through shoutouts. In this way, your friends or followers on SnapChat ask their followers to follow you.

You may also try to convince some hot influencers on SnapChat to give you video shoutouts. Believe me, you’ll get tons of followers. Normally, they don’t charge that much for the shoutouts. So, SnapChat Shoutouts should be considered seriously, especially if you are a newbie on SnapChat.

Run Giveaways – According to Neil Patel, the co-founder of Crazy Eggs, giving free things to others bring you a lot of followers. You can offer things as per your business or niche. Like, if you are running a pet store, you can offer a good dog harness that is not much expensive, and you will be amazed at the results.

How to make money from SnapChat?

So, here is the talk of the day. Making money with SnapChat is not that easy, but on the other side, we can also say that it is not that difficult. All you have to do is play smart. Once you get a reasonable number of followers, you can start making money on SnapChat. Let us see how people are earning money on SnapChat.

How to Earn money from snapchat

Promotion of Affiliates:

Affiliate marketing is one of the finest ways of making money. In affiliate marketing, you find a brand and start promoting their products to your followers. You get paid when someone of your followers purchases that item.

Some affiliate programs also offer revenue for views. Now it is up to you what brand you choose and how you promote them. Although, you can make money if you have even less than 1000 followers, the more the followers the more the chances of getting paid.


Yes, shoutouts. You can earn money on Snapchat with shoutouts the same way you get followers. If you have tons of followers, try to approach some big brands and offer them your shoutout services. Companies are always ready to pay top influencers a huge amount to promote their products.

SnapChat Geofilters:

If you are good at graphic designing, you can earn easily by designing and selling your own Geofilters. All you have to do is the signup for the free account at and make filters for snapchat.

There are various categories on the website where you can make geofilter designs. The commission per design sold is 30%. If your design sold for $20, you will get $6.

Make money with snapchat geo filters


Snapcash was another way to make money on SnapChat but unfortunately, it was shut down on August 30th. It was a payment service that was created in partnership with Paypal.

Using this service, the users were able to send short amounts of money to their friends on SnapChat. People also widely used it to sell products and services for Snap Cash.

Final Words:

Either you plan to earn money with SnapChat or any other network like Google, YouTube or Facebook, smart work is the key to success. You have to play smart, take bold decisions, and produce some fruitful content to rock.

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