25 Technology Changing Trends

25 Technology Changing Trends

With how technology is quickly advancing, more and more trends keep emerging. The most significant trends existing in the education field, where students use online tools even to pay for essays to have smooth sailing in school. The tech world keeps evolving and here are some trends that will possibly change shape up the decade.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The ability to create an intelligent machine is one of the highest motivating forces behind the invention of many trends.

The IoT

Many devices nowadays are smart in that they use the internet to collect and send data.

Augmented humans and Wearables

The creation of wearable tech has grown designing wearables that help humans live more efficiently.

Augmented Analytics and Big Data

With the highly improved data analytics, handling the immensely complex and large amounts of data is possible.

Smart places and Intelligent spaces

Associated with the growth of the IoT, many public and private spaces have internet connections.

Distributed Ledgers and Blockchains

It is a safe and secure means of archiving data and transacting business.

Edge and Cloud computing

A safe and secure way of storing data on the internet and accessing it in different devices saves people the trouble of carrying their machines everywhere.

Digitally Prolonged Realities

Augmented reality, virtual reality gives us room to create more experience in the digital world.

Digital Twins

The trends allow people to try digital experiences that area duplicate of real experiences, processes, or objects.

Language Processing

Machines are now able to understand the human language, making work stress-free.

Chatbots and Voice interfaces

Voice over Internet protocol is skyrocketing in popularity. The most common are Siri and Alexa that respond to our requests by speaking to them.

Facial Recognition and Computer Vision

Machines are now able to recognize faces by visual interpretation.

Cobots and Robots

Robots keep evolving into more intelligent ones and with the trend, they will work alongside human beings hence the name collaborative robot (cobot)

Autonomous Vehicles

With the rapid advancement in the technology world, the commercialization of viable autonomous automobiles is an expectation.


5th generation of mobile networks will take cellular technology a notch higher.

Gene editing and Genomics

Alteration of the genome of humans using technology sounds impressive and a big step in correcting different mutations.

Augmented Design and Co-creativity of Machines

With artificial intelligence, machines can now create designs and artwork.

Digital platforms

Many social platforms have come up as a result of technology, creating a connection between people all over the world.

Aerial Vehicles and Drones

The military and Photography fields have taken a drastic turn by the use of these remotely piloted aircraft.

Resilience and Cybersecurity

Creating ways that help digital users avoid and control threats is an excellent step to making them comfortable.

Quantum Computing

The computers are swift and solve complex challenges.

Automation process

Machines can now do some processes that humans used to do, and this is a huge relief on human labor.

Mass Personalization

Services are a bit more personalized on a large scale level making service more efficient.

4D and 3D printing

Printing in 4D and 3D is likely to get popular.

Material Science and Nanotechnology

With the ability to control microscopic matter, inventions, and the creation of new materials is on the rise.


The technology drifts keep evolving, and with time automation of activities will take over. The trends above are the kind to look out for in 2020.