FRP Bypass Tools To Remove Google Account Lock

Samsung FRP Bypass tools method

Did you know that you can use FRP Bypass tool to bypass Google accounts on Android devices? Yes, it is now a game of some clicks for you to bypass this from useful tool that was a big headache for those who unluckily lost access to their Google Account and then locked out accidentally of their phone.

In many cases, when the users buy a second-hand Samsung smartphone, they are unable to reset their phone because of FRP. But now, there are a number of FRP lock removal tools available on the internet to help you including several Samsung FRP tools. Before talking about FRP bypass tools, let’s learn some facts about Android and FRP.

Android and Security

Android is not only open-source but also provides users with many great features, such as security, voice dialing, folder accessibility and many others. Interestingly, they are constantly bringing the latest features to provide a better user experience and security.

When it comes to security, Android has made significant updates and tools to increase the device’s security. Therefore, in case of mobile theft or any other related disaster, your sensitive data may not be compromised into wrong hands. To prevent from all these cases, Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is one of the useful functions. 

What is FRP?

What is FRP or Factory Reset Protection

FRP or Factory Reset Protection is a built-in security feature in Android devices that are used to protect all the data on device. It includes data encryption and all types of screen locks. It was first introduced in Lollipop 5.1 and is available in all later  versions of Android.

Once you set up your Google account on a device, Factory Reset Protection is automatically activated and it protects your device in case of a mishap. Even if you yourself reset the device, you need to login to the Google Account on your device to make it work, otherwise it won’t work. And if it’s stolen or lost, no one else would be able to access, reset, or use it. Let’s talk about some tools and apps.

FRP Bypass Apk

When it comes to security, there is no better option than Samsung FRP Bypass APK. This great app is made for Samsung users where they can simply escape from this situation. FRP Bypass Apk will bypass the Google Account process in simple steps. You only need to download the apk file, and it will allow to show the results.

Note: This program is only for Samsung users.

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FRP Bypass APK download

FRP Hijacker

This tool is a one-click bypass tool for Samsung devices and can bypass Google accounts like a champion. Using this tool, you can remove pattern or password lock as well as FRP lock on many models of Samsung phones with few clicks. You can download FRP Hijacker by clicking directly on this link.

Pangu Tool for FRP Lock Removal

Pangu is another good option in our list for bypassing Google Account. The program works on other devices too such as LG and Motorola. It has a feature of removing the account within few minutes.

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frp lock removal software


Dr.Fone by Wondershare is my personal favorite program to reset the lock. It can help you in removing the PIN code, pattern and fingerprint code in a few minutes. Just run this program on your PC by connecting your Samsung or LG device with it, and it will do the rest. The tool is available for free, anybody can get benefit from its features.

With the help of Dr.Fone tool, you can remove your password on Samsung and LG devices.

D&G FRP Bypass

D&G is said to be one of the best FRP bypass tools and it works perfectly for Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, Xiaomi, and Euphoria devices. It is a very detailed tool, you need to go through the steps to unlock the device. Moreover, it can be installed on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. D&G tool can be downloaded from here.

D&G FRP Bypass

Samsung FRP Helper Tool

This powerful FRP removal demands ADB technology to unlock the process. It only works on Samsung devices, but you can try it on other devices. This tool takes ADB process that will allow to bypass the verification method easily. Samsung FRP helper comes with full guide that makes it one of the best FRP bypass tools.

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Samsung FRP Helper Tool

Simply run the program and extract the file. When the program launches, you will see two options; Call method and ADB method. Click the ADB method, and remove the Factory Reset Protection. That’s it, it is as easy as simple.

Download Tool

GSM Flasher ADB

GSM has a feature like Samsung FRP tool; it also adopts ADB method to get rid of pattern lock. The interface is easy to use with complete guidance. You can break your phone lock with a GSM tool.

bypass Android devices

Run the tool on your PC and take advantage of its powerful features.

Download GSM

Octoplus FRP Tool (Paid)

Octoplus is a wonderful FRP removal tool and works for Samsung, Motorola, LG, Huawei, and Alcatel devices. It has several removal options and it supports thousands of mobile devices of the mentioned brands. Its price is $65 and it should be your last option in case if you are unable to lock your mobile with the free FRP bypass tools.

Final verdict

All the above mentioned FRP Bypass tools are working fine. You can download any of this software, depends which fit on your device. For example, if you have a Samsung device then all the tools will work perfectly on it. There is also an option for LG, Lenovo and Motorola devices.

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