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icbc claims lawyer

You should be qualified to file an ICBC claim after a car accident if you have complied with the law and purchased basic auto insurance coverage through the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC).

It makes no difference who was at fault for the accident. It also makes no difference if your accident occurred anywhere other than Vancouver. You should be protected in the event of a crash in either Canada or the United States.

Get in touch with Klein Lawyers as soon as possible. Our offices are located in Vancouver and Toronto. When you submit an ICBC claim, the sooner we can get involved in your case, the more we can do to defend your rights. The sooner we can get involved, the better.

Call us or send us an email right now. Our initial consultations are always provided at no charge.

In British Columbia, there are several different types of ICBC claims.

If you have ICBC coverage, you can file a claim based on one of two broad types of coverage:

In the event of a single-car or multiple-vehicle crash resulting in vehicle damage and/or bodily injury or death, collision coverage will protect you from financial loss.

Comprehensive coverage covers you if your car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle is damaged as a result of any of the following:

Whether it’s a fire, hail, or vandalism,

Your car, vehicle parts, or goods were taken from it have been stolen or attempted to be stolen by someone else (except personal property such as your cell phone).

The majority of our customers in Vancouver and around British Columbia come to Klein Lawyers for help with submitting claims under their Basic Autoplan coverage, which we discuss in more detail below.

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What Can You Recover If You Have An Icbc Accident Claim?

There are two key criteria that influence the amount of money you can collect in an ICBC claim, and they are as follows:

What kind of injuries you have and how severe they are – It is more expensive to file a claim for significant injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal cord damage (SCI) than it would be to file a claim for minor injuries such as fractures, scrapes, or burns.

It will have an impact on your life and your ability to work. If you have suffered a crippling injury, severe scarring, or disfigurement, it will have a significant impact on your daily life. Also possible is that you may be unable to work for an extended amount of time or return to the same position that you held before to your injury, or that you will be unable to work at all.

Go to the Courts of British Columbia website and conduct a search for “ICBC Claims” if you want to obtain an idea of the amounts that have been paid out in previous settlements.

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How Can An Icbc Claims Attorney Assist You?

In the event that you have not yet filed your ICBC claim, Klein Lawyers can assist you. Alternatively, if you have already reported your claim and require the aid of a lawyer while you proceed through the claims process, Klein Lawyers can assist you.

Our goal is to safeguard your rights while also easing the burden you may be bearing as a result of your injuries sustained in a car accident.

In particular, you may rely on our legal team to do the following:

  • We will provide you with a free first consultation during which we will go over the facts of your case and answer any concerns you may have about the legal process in general.
  • Helping you navigate the medical system so that you can receive the best treatment possible, including access to experts, is our goal.
  • Conduct an independent investigation into your crash in order to ascertain who was responsible and the extent of your injuries.
  • Consult with professionals who can assist us in better understanding your situation and the amount of compensation you should seek for your injuries.
  • We will deal directly with ICBC on your behalf, including ensuring that ICBC gets all of the necessary information about your vehicle damage, medical bills, lost earnings, and other costs.
  • Negotiate an ICBC claim settlement that is complete and equitable for all parties involved.
  • If it becomes essential, we will represent you in court.

What Is The Best Way To Pay My Lawyer?

KazLaw works on a contingency fee basis, which means that we are only paid a part of the money collected at the completion of the claim if we are successful. Different percentages may be applied to different types of situations, based on the amount of the claim and the likelihood that the injured person would be held partially or completely guilty for the accident in question. Adult injury claims are often subject to a 25% fee for infant claims (anyone under the age of 19 is considered an infant), and a 30% fee for infant injury claims. In addition, KazLaw will cover any and all fees incurred in the course of pursuing your claim (these are called disbursements).

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How Long Do I Have To File A Claim Before It Is No Longer Valid?

In British Columbia, most personal injury claims must be filed within two years of the incident. There are some exceptions to this rule in specific sorts of circumstances, which may result in the period being shortened (for example, claims against a municipality must be dealt with immediately). If you have been wounded in an accident, you should contact KazLaw as quickly as possible for legal assistance.

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