7 Convincing Reasons Why Data Backup is Essential for Business

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Data loss is a common problem for people nowadays. It affects not only the students but working people. It’s a relief if you can still recover your files, but what if it’s gone for good? Losing your records could put your job in jeopardy and can even lead to termination if it involves sensitive or crucial data.

Viruses aren’t the only culprits, but you can also lose data when you accidentally delete your files, have computer malfunctions, or even natural and human-made disasters. An estimated number of 70% of the people in business have lost or will lose data because of these factors. If there’s no remedy for data loss, 60% of these companies will shut down within six months.

It’s crucial to save data. So how can you avoid losing your files in the office? Your company needs to invest in a reliable data backup service because this will give top security to your company data. If your boss hesitates on the idea, here are several reasons that you can pitch why you need data backup for the company.

Protect Against Digital Threats

Technological advancements have their pros and cons. One of its drawbacks is that people use it to destroy or to steal data and use it to their advantage. A malware attack in 2017 affected over 200,000 computers. Known as WannaCry or WannaCry Decryptor, this malware demanded ransom for the release of the infected unit’s files.

WannaCry infected computers through phishing and outdated security patches. Thankfully, an accidental discovery of a killswitch stopped this malware, and updated security patches prevented it from spreading further. The WannaCry attack was over before it caused irreversible damages.

This attack affected businesses worldwide and caused significant interruptions in daily production. What if a more powerful malware finds its way into your company computers? It could destroy your unit or hide and put up your files for ransom, the same as what WannaCry did.

Avoid losing your data by data backup and choose a reliable service for your company. Alternatively, you can also use strong security software such as Malwarebytes Premium. You can check a Malwarebytes Premium review online and see for yourself how tools like these help fend off attacks from malware and other harmful stuff online.

Prepare for Possible Hardware Failure

Even if your company has state-of-the-art computers, it doesn’t mean that you’re safe from malfunction. There will come a time when your computer or hard drive will fail you, and you might end up losing data. If your computer isn’t up for repair, you’ll lose your data for good.

In 2017, 140,000 hard drives of small businesses in the US failed weekly. An estimated number of  60% of small businesses will close in six months in cases of irreparable data loss. Prevent this from happening by keeping your data safe through a backup. Even if your hard drive gives up, your data will always remain accessible.

Stay Ahead of Accidental Data Deletion

It’s no surprise when people make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect, and all people are prone to errors, even in the workplace. However, it might cause trouble if your mistakes involve deleting sensitive company files or even files that have value for you. You can create another file or record another, but it won’t be the same as the previous versions you had earlier.

If you backup your data regularly, you don’t have to worry when you accidentally press delete. All you have to do is to gain access to your company’s backup system and look for the copy of the file. You can restore your deleted data and get back to work as if nothing happened.

Gain a Stress-Free Environment

If you know that your files are safe, you’ll feel better at work. You don’t have to stress yourself whenever your computer suddenly turns off, or if your laptop won’t respond anymore. You don’t have to make duplicate copies of your files, even if you lose access to it.

Data backup is essential because it will protect and keep your files safe from threats and data theft. Your company should invest in a system that’s secure and accessible from company-verified computers or gadgets. Remember, a stress-free environment means everyone is productive and efficient.


One of the best by-products of a stress-free work environment is that you’ll have a steady flow of doing work. With a reliable protection system and efficient backup software, no tasks are under fire from being deleted, copied, or altered. Companies with these tools are also future-proofing their processes should there be a need for such changes. Inevitably, a company that prepares for the worse in the early stages of doing business is the one that benefits most from future-proofing methods.

Legal Purposes

Sometimes, government agencies need to check up on companies and how they do their business. One of these agencies is the IRS or the Internal Revenue Service. This agency is tasked by the US government to monitor people or companies with their taxes.

If you are wrongfully convicted of tax evasion or some absurd allegation by these agencies, your best friend is a backup tool. Remember, every data you have with you can be what separates you and a hefty penalty or, worse, a prison sentence. What happens if that data gets deleted? You won’t be able to come up with a defense and say that crucial files were deleted. Who-knows-what with a backup tool or software ready, you’re ensuring that scenario never happens.

Getting Back up From Losses

In the world of business, some succeed, and some fail. However, the definition of success isn’t always an easy road. It’s how you get back up from this loss that defines your victory in the future.

Although it’s not easy to get back on track from a failed venture, having all the data you need from that previous experience helps. This situation is where data recovery software and backup tools come in handy. With the information you have, you get to review your past mistakes and how to handle them better.


Everything is digital today, so most files also end up on your computer or storage devices. Sometimes, you lose access to these items, and also to your data stored in it. Don’t stress yourself by saving company data through reliable software that you can access on several authorized units and devices. You can access these files anywhere, and you won’t lose them ever again.

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