Most Downloaded Android Apps of All Time

Most Downloaded Android Apps

Many apps are used by 1-4 billion people worldwide. These applications are useful also for the people who have small businesses. We are introducing the list of most downloaded apps in a different niche. Most of them are from social and messaging niche. You can also download these Apps on Play store. All are available free for the smartphone users. We have mentioned some of the best, and most downloaded Android apps that almost every Android user have used it once.

WhatsApp – 3 Billion

Whatsapp is the best messaging app worldwide. It has almost 3 Billion users around the world. The reason of popularity of this app is its video recording, image sharing, documents sending and free-calling features. Every small business use whatsapp for their work as it has been proved the best productive app. Even whatsapp has the most active users in the world.

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Best Messaging apps for Android

Facebook – 4 Billion

Facebook is the most usage app in our list. Its users are increasing day by day. Facebook has updated the app time by time and that is the reason of its great benefit for the users. No doubt, it got few fake accounts, but the team are working on quality. People promote their businesses on it and take advantage from its free features.

Most useful apps

Instagram – 1.5 Billion

Instagram is very famous among the celebrities. Almost every celebrity shares videos and images on the Instagram. It got hit when Facebook bought it. Facebook is adding new features in Instagram for better experience.

Story feature has succeeded in attaining the attention of its users. You can also promote your business as it is the most popular app in the list.

most popular app

Snapchat – 1 Billion

Snapchat is the best story app out there. You can add funny filters in your photo and share it with the friends. Snapchat Team are adding new filters daily to entertain their users. You can earn money on Snapchat by creating the filters.

It also has some same features mentioned above in the apps. It was the first app that introduced the filters. You snap will be vanished after 60 seconds. The new features are emojis, set your video in slow motion and even it can recognize the songs when you play it.

Best Filter app

ShareIt – 1 Billion

The best app for sharing the data within seconds. Shareit has many active users because they share the data with each other. It is the best productive app in this list. You can share your large files in seconds with the help of this application. The best part of the shareit is its fastest transfer speed.

Pinterest – 500+ Million

60% women use Pinterest and it is the fastest growing app out there. Almost 1 Million businesses exist on the Pinterest related to fashion and other categories. You can create your boards and add your Pins in it. Many fashion bloggers share their data on it and that’s the reason it is the best app for promoting your pictures.

Android apps for women

YouTube – 1.8 – 2 Billion

YouTube is famous video player app in the world. You can make your channel and earn through it. The data in the YouTube covers almost every topic. Learn something new via tutorials and listen songs. People watch 150+ hours of YouTube every day. The most subscribed channels in the YouTube are PewDiePie, T-series, and Justin Bieber.

Most popular Android app

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