Shrek Drinking Game Rules

shrek drinking game

A wise guy once observed that Ogres are much like oignons because of their layers. The Internet has shown that films have numerous layers. This is especially true when we look at the drinking game of Shrek!

I’m sure most people have already seen the movie reading this. If not, it’s a good flick, so you should give it a watch alone. More, you may transform Shrek’s observation into a fun drinking game, whether it’s your first watch or repeat vision with a few tweaks.

There’s a lot to learn about this game so let’s start by exploring, should we?

What Is The Drinking Game Of Shrek Movie?

All right, let’s go through a little history first to those unfamiliar with Shrek. The animated comedy was released by Dreamworks in 2001. Shrek stood out from many other animated family flicks at the time of release.

The film is based on William Steig’s novel and was published in 1990. There are many of the same characters, but the plots are very different. The book and the film contain the same theme, however.

The film intentionally parodied many of the stereotypes that were found in Disney’s lively movies during this period and incorporated many references to pop cultural life in its humor. In reality, in 2020, the film was added for conservation to the National Film Register.

It has been found “cultural, historical or aesthetic,” thus much praise has been paid. But how does this whole connection to a drinking game? Now, Shrek and its Shrek 2 sequel have grown tremendously famous over the Internet in recent years.

Shrek and other characters from the films are routinely used in different memoirs, and the franchise has a strong internet fandom. In those circles, the Shrek Movie drinking game was established and propagated over the internet.

In the Shrek Movie drinking game, each time certain characters do or say something, you have to take a shot or sip. You lose a point if you miss a sip or go by, but you get a point if you drink.

Punkte is totaled at the end of the movie and the player with the most wins. It’s a simple game and a terrific way to bring a unique twist to the night of the movie. Let’s see what you need to play the drinking game Shrek Movie and look more closely at the rules and gameplays.

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Let us get drunk watching Ogre and “Dunkey” go on adventures – what else is there for life?

Drink Every Time: 

  • Farts or burps Shrek
  • Someone is saying “Ogre”
  • Someone is saying “Swamp”
  • “Steed” is said by somebody
  • The guy of Gingerbread talks

Drink 2x If:

  • Donkey is singing Shrek Whoops the ass of somebody
  • “Lord Farquad,” someone says They break into a song.
  • Someone speaks a different tongue than English

Take A Picture When:

The dragon is burning

Please remember to drink responsibly, as always! This alcohol drinking game does not lead to sickness due to excessive alcohol consumption. Do you need a ride sober? Save $5.00 for w/Lyft ride! If you loved it, please give your opinions feedback and let us know how we can improve it!

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Simple, Good Fun! The Shrek Movie Drinking Game!

The drinking game based on the Shrek movie is simple and entertaining! In terms of drinking games, it has everything you could desire. It’s especially good when you’re not in the mood to play cards or bounce ping pong balls. Although it is not the most difficult game, there is a lot of potential for imagination in this one. But the most important thing to remember is that you are almost certain to have a good time while playing!

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