The OWASP-The Best Way of Protecting Mobile Applications


Nowadays with advancements in technology and increased usage of mobile applications as well as mobile devices, every task of human beings can be done in a very easy as well as a convenient manner through mobile phones. But the sad reality of this whole concept is that these kinds of processes are very much prone to vulnerabilities which have also increased significantly with time. So, here comes the models of OWASP mobile top 10 which can be termed as the list that will help in highlighting the security flaws which the developers need to pay Proper attention to ensure the safety and security of applications.

Security of Mobile Devices is at risk

In some cases, mobile applications and devices look very much safe and secure from the outside but in reality, they are not safe. Approximately more than 80% of the companies which are into the retail business are under the blame of leaking the data of customers and more than 8% of the companies are exposed to risks because they leave the personal data of consumers. Almost every application which uses the personal details of users includes financial and personal information so that customers’ user experience can be provided. But with the increased risk for security threats, it is very much important for the companies to understand the importance of the OWASP list.

What is OWASP Mobile Top 10?

This particular list was published in the year 2001 and was launched by people who were a part of a committee of developers. Such people discussed several kinds of methodologies that would ultimately enhance and increase application security. Updating all the resources was very much important so that awareness can be created about several threats. The latest update in this particular list was made in the year 2016 and incorporation of best of According practices was also undertaken. Now with the introduction of this concept approximately 85% of the applications are tested and ensure that they are free from risks before launching them in the market. The complete list of this particular concept has been mentioned as follows:

M1: Improper Platform Usage

It is associated with the usage of platforms improperly and is also related to covering the risk associated with miss using the operating systems. It also includes the Improper usage of things by leaking the data and android sniffing related practices. The iOS applications are also exposed to several kinds of touch ID discs with this concept.

M2: Insecure Data Storage

This particular point deals with data storage which is insecure and also includes the compromised fine systems which are directly linked with the exploitation of data. Hence, the best practices include the android debug bridge so that risks can be minimized.

M3: Insecure Communication

These kinds of deals are directly linked with communication-related practices which are insecure and includes several kinds of risks associated with the whole thing. The best of the practices to overcome include the networking layer, leakages, utilization of certification, and several other things.

M4: Insecure Authentication

This particular point deals with authentication which is insecure and involves a lot of risks. So, to overcome these kinds of points proper security protocols have to be established along with all. Loading of the application data should be allowed unless there is a proper indication of the user session. Several kinds of practices have to be implemented in this concept to ensure security.

M5: Insufficient Cryptography

This particular point deals with insufficient cryptography and also includes several kinds of risks for example stealing of security and application data. To avoid all these kinds of issues modern encryption practices have been undertaken by the company developers should also have a proper eye on These documents to make sure that everything is perfectly implemented.

M6: Insecure Authorization

This is directly linked with an authorization that involves several kinds of risks for example providing unauthorized access to the hackers in terms of databases and files. The Best practices include testing the privileges and this way the developer should also have proper authorization so that nothing is wrong throughout the process.

M7: Poor Code Quality

This particular point deals with the risk associated with the poor quality of code and can include the risks for example compromise on mobiles so that there is proper access to third-party libraries. Overcoming all these kinds of physics is very much important and for this purpose code logic has to be undertaken.

M8: Code Tampering 

This particular point deals with the tempering of the codes and also includes several kinds of Malware infusion along with the theft of data. Runtime detection and assistance in terms of checking It’s very much important to overcome all these kinds of problems. In case the codes are changed in proper direction has to be undertaken to make sure that application owners have timely information in terms of making several kinds of decisions.

M9: Reverse Engineering

This particular point deals with the concept of rivers in building and also includes all kinds of risks for example dynamic inspections and stealing of different codes. Through this point, the hackers can have access to premium features of any of the applications which can be a great threat to the company. Several kinds of practices have to be undertaken to make sure that these kinds of issues are solved.

M10: Extraneous Functionality

This particular point deals with extraneous functionality and several kinds of risks are involved in this concept to make sure that there is no issue throughout the process. Overcoming these kinds of risks will also help in making sure that the final process is very easily implemented and there are no hidden charges on speeches. Logs should never be descriptive and should never be exposed to the applications.


Hence, the implementation of these kinds of components of security solutions will always help in making sure that applications are protected from all kinds of threats. These kinds of developers, as well as coding implementation related, practices have to be quickly prevented to make sure that companies have proper access to the dashboard of business that will help in analyzing the potential threats and taking the proper and necessary required actions in real-time.