What Are Logistics?

What Are Logistics?

Recently, IT companies have been paying more and more attention to logistics software development. This area is one of the most important in business development. Logistic software includes not only warehouse management, but also transportation software development. To understand the essence of this type of application, it is necessary to understand the concept of logistics in general.

What are Logistics?

Transportation management software solves the main problem of classic logistics. Logistics is a complex of management solutions that allow successfully:

  • Acquire resources;
  • Store inventory;
  • Transport products to the end consumer.

Logistic process management is not complete without interaction with distributors and suppliers. The software allows you to additionally determine the effectiveness of ongoing collaboration and identify the availability of new opportunities.

Logistics in Management and Business

The goal of quality logistics is to determine the required quantity of goods or resources. The exact delivery time is also very important. One of the key conditions is to ensure the safety of cargo in transit. The customer must receive the goods of proper quality, in full, and at the agreed time.

Traditionally, logistics is usually understood as warehouse stocks and distribution of traffic flows. For this, standard computer programs have been developed. And what about, for example, companies supplying gas or electricity. Modern IT teams take into account such aspects of their activities. Thanks to precision software, oil and gas supply companies include in their supply chain:

  • Pipeline management and maintenance;
  • Tankers and trucks;
  • Storage performance;
  • Schedule of work of distribution centers.

Errors in managing logistics processes can be fatal for a business. Late deliveries, violation of shelf life, and damage to goods will forever alienate buyers. To avoid such oversights, specialized applications connect to barcode scanners. You can also track the location of parcels in transit in real-time.

Why is logistics substantial?

Logistics became critical at a time when the home delivery sector began to flourish. It is one thing to track deliveries to a chain of stores, and quite another is to clearly control delivery directly to the client. Today, everyone can download a mobile application and order a taxi or takeaway. The same application is used by the logistics manager to process the order. Then, through the same application, the courier finds the client. And in the same application, reports are generated for the head of the company.

Logistics software development

The DjangoStars team is an advanced logistics software development company. Logistics and transport solutions have become one of the most popular and promising areas of activity for this team. Solutions for development in Python fit into the overall concept very well. This language, due to its clear syntax, ensures system reliability and ease of configuration. It is also possible:

  • Creation of any type of product;
  • Easy updates and improvements;
  • Application of data science;
  • High flexibility of development.

Additional features are provided by the Django framework. For instance:

  • Faster launch of the application to the market;
  • High security;
  • Easy scaling;
  • Hassle-free support process.


Choose a reliable outsourcing company for development, which will not only provide a high-quality result but also provide constant technical support. It is also advisable to base the selection of specialists on the available portfolio of work. Developers must have experience in the field of logistics and transport.