4 Nike Run Club Features Can Make Running More Fun For You

4 Nike Run Club Features Can Make Running More Fun For You

Running seems like an exercise that all of us can do. However, if you want to see the results that matter, a guide can be useful. Having the best running outfit and innovative running shoes are essential in going on runs. But going on runs with a running app that gives you a comprehensive view of your running is also essential.

We all want to see progress in everything that we do. For running, going on runs without seeing progress is not fun at all. Nike Run Club helps you by providing a guide that will get you to make the most out of your next cardio session. Track your stats, plan your workouts, engage in its social features, and plenty more on Nike Run Club!

How can a Running app make you love running even more? This article about Nike Run Club will tell you four ways to improve your daily running experience. Whether you need tracking in miles, music sync features, and other running essentials, Nike Run Club should have it all covered.

1.Play Music Within The App

Who does not love going on runs together with their favorite earbuds while blasting that playlist of intense songs? With the Nike run club, you will be able to control the music while running within the app. Simply connect your iTunes or Spotify account for this feature.

For runners who prefer Spotify, you will get access to the Nike Run Club playlist. This playlist should be enough to get you all the motivation that you need and help you sustain your pace while running. Get in the zone and make the mood more challenging for your next run by playing Spotify playlists through the Nike Run Club App!

Upon syncing iTunes to the Nike Run Club app, you will need to select individual songs or a full album and add it to your running playlist. This task is not difficult to do at all, and it aims to get you up and run as soon as possible!

2.Nike Run Club Challenge

There is no activity, more fun than competing with other people. With Nike Run Club, you can engage in a friendly competition that should get you the challenge that you need on your runs. If you need a dose of motivation, nothing will motivate you more than competing with other people. Channel your competitive juices and make sure you edge your friends out.

It even has leaderboards so that you know where you stand against other runners. You can set a personal goal regarding these leaderboards and improve every session. However, if you like a more cutthroat approach, you can set challenges and goals to move up as fast as you can in these Nike Run Club leaderboards!

3.Training Plan With My Coach

Nothing amps you up more than running with the help of a coach. Because you are training with a coach, the sense of urgency and commitment levels up a notch and should give you all the motivation you need. You would not want to slack off on the goals that My Coach sets for you, right? My Coach should be enough in giving you all the challenges that you need to hit your goals!

The Nike Run Club app will model your running workouts based on your preferences. You will have the ability to choose to pick the variety of long runs that you would like to add to your routine. Don’t worry, the Nike Run Club app will tailor-fit a routine that matches your habits, recovery, tempo, and other running statistics.

Take note that the Nike Run Club app will not allow any running plans that go for more than six months. This period comes from all and derives from the maximum training for racing. However, what it does is to change things up regularly, which should give you even more challenges.

4.Monitor Your Running Progress

Another thing that makes running fun is knowing your progress and learning how far you’ve come since you started running. The Nike Run Club will give you all the statistics that you need to track your progress. These statistics come from the different drills which we will discuss further.

The Nike Run Club app gives you a variety of training, challenges, and even periodic benchmarks during your running workouts. These benchmarks will be enough to get you to push yourself further. Some of the drills go for around 15 minutes, including a warm-up, a full workout, and rest intervals. All of these drills come from an in-ear audio guide during your cardio session.

The Nike Run Club app will tell you the progress you made based on these drills. Another great thing in tracking your progress is that it will get you to push yourself and beat the standard that you have set for yourself in the previous session! You will see how far you have really come by comparing progress in heart rate, pace, and heart recovery after your run.


Like how the Nike slogan goes, “Just Do It, The Nike Run Club app will get you to do it if it means running in this case. Set goals, challenges, and engage in friendly competition, all in the name of being better every day. With Nike Run Club, you can assure yourself that you run better and further than you did the last time. Track your progress while you knock benchmarks down on Nike Run Club!