Best NES Emulator For PC In 2021

best nes emulator

Games with voice controls and even motion sensors are expected to be increasingly contemporary and realistic. None compared to NES’ 8-bit classics experience – Nintendo for closest fans – and to recall an age in which simpler – and a lot – funnier – videogames are assured. If you are of a generation not experiencing the NES period, you may find that console that transformed the game scene.

The system was introduced in 1983 and was Nintendo’s huge gamble for entering the market for video games. With around 61 million systems sold, the NES was and still is an international success. While relics aren’t easily available nowadays, gaming enthusiasts may slay nostalgia via computer emulators.

Two of the mainstays were characterized in the 8-bit video game generation. Whilst Segway was making progress on the Master System III after 1983’s video game collapse Nintendo debuted their Nintendo entertainment system.

In addition, by introducing license developers’ rights for third-party firms, Nintendo has increased the role of the gaming developer. This has already become a standard, yet the 80s had been the beginning of Nintendo.

Best NES Emulators For Windows In 2021

You don’t want a second to get the finest NES emulators from Windows 7, 8, 10 and experience the good old days – understandably, as a gaming enthusiast. But wait, wait for a second, wait a second.
In all probability, the wide range of NES emulators will soon be overwhelmed. By listing the top NES emulators for you, we have made the process easier. So, what do we expect, let’s take action?

1. RetroArch

One of the greatest and most famous emulators of the NES is RetroArch. Due to its vast range of functions and customization choices, it scores.
In the form of ROMs, RetroArch may be used for NES games including the Famicom Disk System. You may play with all kinds of USB gamepads and change the arrangement of the button.
The emulator has a contemporary feel and the UI is very close to PlayStation 3. It allows you to load and save your state irrespective of the game’s status. You can re-engineer the game in real-time if you wish.
The emulator’s ability to modify the video settings is worthy of recognition. A video of your whole game actions may also be recorded. Be prepared to install and configure RetroArch for a tough time nevertheless. It has no documentation at all.
You have to search this emulator a lot so that you may continue. However, it is worth going, because it is the only emulator that can withstand the annoying screen and does not have lags.


A popular NES emulator is FCEUX again. It also offers a variety of functions and adaptation possibilities, like with RetroArch. Features such as debugging, video recording, ROM hacking, and speed creation.
It also supports a joystick, and you can play the game on full screen, which makes the gameplay experience amazing. In contrast to RetroArch, it’s a snap to set up and install.
A wide range of file types including NES files is supported by FCEUX. The services of this emulator cannot be left to you as an NES enthusiast.
FCEUX has just one to talk about the disadvantages. It has no ideal color palette, which might make the experience of gaming rather strange. The solution to this problem, however, is provided.

3. Nestopia UE

For the Nestopia UE (Undead Edition) emulator for those who wish to avoid RetroArch installation hazards and virtually comparable functionality. With Windows 10, it works extremely nicely. This emulator, unknowingly, has Nestopia, a precursor. It has been no longer supported by the developers. Nestopia EU has therefore been designed.
Nestopia UE offers a decent amount of functions and choices to customize. It supports various external devices, allows in-app registration, supports multiplayer and auto-save functionality.
Too many helpful functions are available in RetroArch. Nestopia UE is a close second since it’s not as extensive in features; nevertheless, the gamers find it useful for a lot of functions.
Those who test this emulator must use the vsync option. The trouble is, you endure screen tearing when this option is turned off, and when it’s used you must face a sluggish input latency.

4. Nintendulator

Another NES emulator that holds the fort for its rock-solid performance is Nintendulator. The emulator is developed in C++, one of the causes of its incomparable knowledge. It is a real gaming experiment and has rather helpful features as well.
The built-in Game Genie enables users to start auto-play functionality. In addition, it also provides USB gamepad support.
You will certainly recall that the soft and hard reset functions of the original Nintendo system were an essential element. The emulator contains these characteristics that certainly will make the diehard lovers of NES grin.

5. VirtualNES

For all the right reasons, VirtuaNES is a preferred pick. Despite the creators’ retreat support, it functions nicely on the PC now for many years. Best of all, no additional assistance is required for playing the NES-based games.
VirtuaNES may be modified and features gamepad support and an external joystick. It also offers full-screen mode convenience and customizable screen support.
The lazybones have some good news. The emulator offers active support for cheat codes. The hex position of memory can be changed to accommodate new cheats.

6. jNES

The JNES emulator is perfect if you do not want to participate in the complexity of the system. You must open a ROM and play the game of your choosing. Yes, there is no wide range, but the emulator is one of the easiest to use.
It has gamepad compatibility, sound control capability, and screen size adjustment. It works with both NES and NSF ROMs without complications.
Those who don’t worry and want to concentrate just on playing their favorite games go to jNES.

7. Mesen

This emulator is compatible with a massive 290 titles, all the games made on the NES so far. In addition, Mesen is regarded as Windows and Linux’s most exact NES emulator.
In a simple UI, you’ll enjoy the many functions it offers. You constantly want to make your gameplay experience smoother and quicker. Netplay, equalization, cheat finders, video and sound recorders and much more are major features of the emulator.
You can forget to save progress if you are in the middle of a new circumstance. This emulator adds a bonus for auto-saving points.
It tends to remember the last ROM file you used when you exited the game, a unique feature of this emulator. The emulator will show a screenshot when you come back to play the game. It helps you remember the last playtime for many files and may do so.

8. Nesbox Universal Emulator

To date, Nesbox is the most recent NES emulator. A few choices are provided by the emulator. The NES games may be played straight through your browser on the Nesbox website. The second approach is to utilize a Windows 10 UWP app.
This certainly helps people who desire the trouble of downloading emulators to avoid. You may browse the Nesbox site, load your ROMs, and start the games.
It is a really gratifying experience. There are barely any performance problems or delays. The internet emulator supports a range of formats including NES, Sega, Super Nintendo, and GameBoy. As for the UWP app, it works not only with Windows 10 but also with the same OS’ mobile devices.

9. RockNES

You are looking for a stable and simple emulator with many amazing features? The emulator for you is RockNES. You don’t have the quick pace like some of the other emulators, but it won’t deceive.
It is certainly something to applaud, as RockNEs supports all games on the NES platform. This emulator’s Eagle Mode feature can let you adjust the visuals and audio when playing games.
When you first start RockNES, it produces a ROCKNES.CFG file automatically. Now the music, visuals, gaming controller, and many more parameters are easily monitored.
RockNES features Game Genie functionality, which is the same as nintendulator. For the convenience of users, a text file is included, telling you detailed how to utilize this functionality.


  • The Nintendo Entertainment System and the Famicom Disk System play games as ROMs
  • Play almost any USB gamepad and modify the placement of the button
  • Save and load anytime in the game your state
  • Complete the game in real-time
  • Set a range of video options, which include shaders that provide old-school effects or lighten your images
  • Enter a video from your playback or record a BSV file with your button
  • Play with Netplay online with your pals

How To Set It Up

  • Download from its download page the current version of RetroArch. You have a 7-Zip file installed to extract it. This is a 7z file.
  • Open the 7z archive and remove your data wherever (I recommend C:\Program Files\RetroArch).
  • To launch it, double-click on the exe RetroArch. Use the arrow keys to browse the interface, hit X to choose, or Z to return. There are several USB gamepads supported from the box.
  • You will have to install the ‘core’ of that emulator to load an emulator in RetroArch. Head to Online update > Scroll down to “NES/Famicom (Nestopia UE)” > Key updater. Choose Nestopia UE core for installation.
  • Retour to the main menu and navigate Load Content > File selection and Core detection. To start playback, choose a ROM file from your hard disc.

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