Best Types of Microphones for Content Creators

Best Types of Microphones for Content Creators

Microphones are considered essential computer peripherals not just for content creation but also in our everyday lives. Whether it is to conduct zoom video conference calls for work or with loved ones, there is no denying how microphones have become a necessary part of our everyday lives.

But now you have decided that you want to be a content creator. Whether that is to be a YouTuber, Streamer on Twitch or Facebook Gaming, or a podcaster. This article is to help you determine which microphone is best for your needs and budget.

Purpose of recording

So you’ve decided to create your own content and want your voice to be heard on the internet. But we will need a crucial tool to help you do that. You now need to decide the nature of your content. Will it be vlogs you take of your daily life that require something small to record your audio? Consider something small and easy to manage like a lapel microphone.

Maybe you are a budding musician and have a home studio setup with adequate soundproofing. Then you would need something to capture as many sound frequencies as possible like a condenser microphone. Alternatively, if you lack soundproofing, you can use a dynamic microphone to help block out some of the excess noise.

The aim is to narrow down your choices according to your purpose first before considering the price of the products. That way any microphone you choose will be able to help you sufficiently.


You don’t have to spend bucket loads of money to upgrade your microphone. It really depends on what you are starting with. If you are using the onboard existing microphone on your recording device (smartphone mic, laptop mic, camera mic, etc) the cost to upgrade shouldn’t be much unless the aim is to go for the best of the best.

There are still a number of affordable but good options available in the market if your wallet is a bit tight.


There are different types of microphone for different recording purposes. It is important to understand that although all microphones can record audio, there are some that do so well in different situations and to varying success. It is best we understand these different types in order to pick one that is suitable for our purposes.


This is one that probably needs no explanation, but it is the most practical of all the types listed here if you want to minimize the number of equipment that you will be buying. These are normally the choice for streamers as they require something that is reliable and hassle-free to set up.


Perhaps the other type of microphone that is flexible in its usage as it can be used for almost any application. It doesn’t require external power and is inexpensive. The drawback of this microphone, however, is that it is not sensitive and may not be suitable for more nuanced recordings. Dynamic mics are heavy-duty mics that are commonly seen at live concerts or shows favored by travelling musicians.


If you have been watching a lot of content creators, it is most likely they are using a condenser microphone. This type of mic is the opposite of dynamic mics because it is incredibly sensitive to sound and will pick up everything in the recording. It will require phantom power to work and is the choice for music producers, bedroom singers to record vocals and acoustic instruments in a controlled environment.


Ribbon mics are a type of dynamic microphone that uses a thin corrugated strip of metal between magnets as opposed to a diaphragm that is attached to a moving coil on traditional dynamic microphones. Ribbon mics are more sensitive than condenser mics to capture the most amount of detail but without the harness and distortion. All these features come at a hefty price tag though and it is not recommended if you are just starting out. But it definitely would warrant careful consideration once you have money to spare and are looking to improve the quality of your recordings.

Lavalier / Lapel

This is the microphone that you would use if you require a hands-free operation. The advantage is the form factor because once you clip it on your shirt, you can just forget about it.