Hadoop Developer Salary Report 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need for technology experts to support vital efforts and strategic initiatives. Since big data today is the new slang, Hadoop is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

More on Hadoop

Hadoop was founded by Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella in 2002. Hadoop was derived from the web search engine, namely the Apache Nutch project, part of the Apache Lucene project. The aim was to develop an open-source system to store and process data in a distributed and automatic computing environment.

Hadoop is a specifically developed software platform for massive data management, storage, and care. Not only does it store large data volumes, but it can also run software on many hardware clusters.

It’s the ideal data management platform for companies of all sizes thanks to Hadoop’s distributed architecture, high scalability, high tolerance for errors, immense computing capacity, and rapid processing speed. Consequently, Hadoop is not only embraced by large firms but also by small and medium-sized enterprises. This rising demand for Hadoop services generates an immense need for trained Hadoop experts in the industry. Hadoop Developer is currently one of the many common positions of Hadoop.

Know about the Hadoop developer

Anyone who likes programming and wants to take advantage of it can become a Hadoop developer. A Hadoop developer needs work and experience in Java, SQL, and any other scripting language. Strong interpersonal abilities will be an asset. Hadoop-related technologies, including Hive, HBase, and Flume, can also help speed up your career growth.

Salary report in India

In India, there is an 8-fold rise in the Big Data Analytics industry. The National Association of Software and Service Companies predicts that it will hit $16 billion by 2025.

Your salary would depend on various factors such as education, job place, work experience, skillset, company size, firm reputation, and role. The Hadoop Developer’s annual pay in India is €4,57,000. A Hadoop software developer has an average yearly income of €4,44,243, which amounts to €2,71,000. Experts from Hadoop should expect profitable growth in their profession as they continue to increase their skills. For example, postgraduate candidates may receive a start-up package of approximately Rs 4–8 LPA.

But freshers gain between Rs. 2.5–3.8 LPA.  Professionals who have the best combination of the above-listed skills will gain between Rs. 5 – 10 LPA anywhere. Non-management professionals earn an average of Rs. 7–15 LPA packages annually, and managers will perform between Rs. 12–18 LPA or higher. Hadoop developers with more than fifteen years’ experience typically have a very high salary level ranging from Rs. 28 to 50 LPA or more.

Salary report in the US

The career is projected to increase by 21 percent between 2018 and 2028 and will create 284,100 jobs in the USA. According to a Forbes report, the Hadoop Market would be $99.31 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 42.1%.

Big data will slowly add to their businesses the value that companies know. India’s Big Data Analytics market is expected to expand eight times. According to NASSCOM, from USD 2 billion, it will be worth USD 16 billion by 2025. As India advances, smart devices enter cities and villages. The big data market is then expanded. In reality, Hadoop’s average salary is 112,000 dollars per year. For all other jobs, it is 95% higher than the average income.

Dice analysis shows that jobs that require Hadoop skills are worthwhile. However, for a proper paycheck to land, the right combination of certification and experience is required. Hadoop developers in the United States have an estimated annual payment of $112,687. The bulk of the entry-level annual salaries for Hadoop developers range from $85000 to $140,000 in the United States. The Hadoop developer in India alone makes a mean of $112,687.

In 2021, the big data industry will have to spend significantly. It leads to a rise in Hadoop employment opportunities. It means that people who know Hadoop expect better pay and higher work prospects.


How to become a Hadoop Developer?

The first thing to note for an exciting Hadoop developer is how much education you need. It is found that 52.2% of Hadoop developers have a bachelor’s degree. We also found that 45.3% of Hadoop developers hold master’s degrees in higher education. While most Hadoop developers have college graduation, one cannot become with high school graduation or GED.

Employers also rely on certifications to determine potential employees’ qualifications. Certificates are a fantastic tool for the industry to prove their drive and commitment to their employers to learning. When employers see value in the new skills, they will reward the efforts with promotion or development opportunities.

When looking at becoming a Hadoop developer, choosing the right major is always an important step. A Hadoop developer is recommended to obtain a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree most generally. The diplomas or doctorate degrees are other degrees that are suggested.

You will find that experience in other workplaces can help you grow as a Hadoop developer. Many Hadoop developer jobs need experience in a position like java developers. In the meantime, several Hadoop developers also have previous experience in roles like java/j2ee or senior java developer. 

Every two days, we generate five exabytes. A solution that can manage this large volume of data is increasingly important. Hadoop comes to survive in this case.

It is the most suitable to store vast quantities of data with its robust architecture and economical features. While it may seem hard to learn Hadoop, it becomes easy to understand and start a career in this fastest emerging area with the Big Data Hadoop course‘s help. 

Final words

When we look at the Big Data Industry forecasts, the trend will not slow down soon. Learning skills like Hadoop will achieve an excellent big data job. Between 2019 and 2024, the global Hadoop market is reported to rise by 33% in CAGR. You can now enter the hottest area in IT by learning Hadoop. With good training and hard work, even a novice may enter into this area.