Bumper Pool Rules How To Play

bumper pool

Valley Manufacturing established the realm of coin-operated entertainment in 1955.

This game was played at a smaller table, one on each end of the table with two pairs of trousers.

In the middle of the table were eight bumpers in a cross-like arrangement.

You would spend a dime starting a game and every player would get five balls (red or white).

The purpose of the game was to shoot your ball on the other side of the pocket of your opponent.

The bar owners known simply as the bumper pool now had a new version of the pool to please their clients.

The new game was extremely popular and became a staple in the arcade and bar scene.

Bumper Pool’s Basics

Bumper Pool is a game of billiards. It’s like a regular pool in its simplest form.

The game is played on a conventional flat green surface, which consists of a typical pool table with the same material (felt).

Like a typical pool, a bumper pool with billiards and wooden pool signs is played.

But the parallels end here.

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Name Creative

Pool perhaps has the finest name in university soccer. His name is derived from an octagonal or rectangular pocket billiard game. In the center, the table cushioned impediments, called bumpers.

The father of Pool, Jeff, gave the name to his kid for this was his favorite game. Jeff Pool stated he played all the time with a boyhood pal.

Not Only Football

Lovejoy High School attended Pool in Lucas, Texas. Pool apparently tackled everything on the gridiron, recording 166 attacks as a senior and 110 as a junior.

The swimming pool also played golf, wrestling, and track. Although he opted to play other sports, his love was football. He was a 4-star prospect and had numerous big programs, such as Alabama, LSU, the State of Oklahoma, and others.

He Can Do All That.

The pool is undoubtedly one of the SEC’s top defenders. He is tied for the sixth time at the conference in 50.

At 6, he was not only a motorized linebacker: he saw time quarterback, tight end, back, and defensive end. He did not, at least not yet, demonstrate that versatility in college football.

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Set the balls up as shown in the picture. Be sure to place a “marked” ball in front of every cup (pocket). Each opponent shoots simultaneously from a side rail on the cup on the other end of the table, as the arrows show.

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  1. The Bumper Pool is played as partners by two or four players.
  2. Each side has 5 red balls or 5 white balls, each of which has a marked cue ball in each color.
  3. Place two red balls on each side of the white cup to set up the Bumper Pool. Place white balls around the red cup in the same position (pocket).
  4. Both players simultaneously shoot a marked ball, first hit the side-cushion, bench it in or near their color cup. The player who plays his ball again shoots into or nearest to the cup. Marked cue balls first have to be pocked. If another player dives before his pocket-marked ball, his opponent can take two of his balls and put them in his cup. If both of the marked balls were pockets on first shots each player would grab one of the remaining balls and place them in front of the cup, and both would shoot simultaneously, much like marked balls. They start from there with the player who pocks his ball or is close to his cup.
  5. A player gets another shot when his own color ball sinks in his own color cup.
  6. In the event of a player leaving a ball, his opponent may place the ball anywhere he wants and may also remove two of his own balls and put them into a bonus cup.
  7. There is no punishment when a player sinks one of his opponent’s balls, but when he sinks one of his own balls to the cup of the opponent or shoots one of the balls of his opponent, his opponent can drop two of his own balls into his cup.
  8. No player is permitted to hop over the balls or bumpers when shooting. This will be subject to the same penalty as in Rule 7.
  9. The first player or team to sink all five balls will be the winner unless the player falls into the cup of his opponent’s play if he shoots his final ball.
  1. House Rule shall determine the length of time the winners may continue to play.

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