How To Dart Board Set Ups At Home

dart board set ups

This post will teach you all you need to know about setting up a dartboard in or outside of your home.

There is something for everyone here, whether you want a traditional steel tip board or an electronic dartboard, or a magnetic dartboard, or something in between.

Whether you’re looking for some fast measurements, best practices, or upgrades you can make to your dartboard setup, you’ll find all you need right here.

It does not matter if you do not have a dartboard to set up right now; if you simply want some guidance on how to do so and to assess your alternatives in order to select the ideal one for you, you’ve come to the correct place. On the other hand, you could always invest in one of the top-rated dartboards on the market.

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How To Install A Dartboard In Your Home

Having nearly completed our basement gaming area, we’ve started adding a variety of entertaining games to keep the kids entertained. And we’ve already agreed that a dartboard is a must-have addition! Did you know that darts started as a military pastime during medieval times in England?

In today’s world, darts have become a popular pastime for many people, particularly in pubs all around the world. Apart from that, setting up a home dartboard might be a terrific way to play the sport at your leisure.

However, whether you’re installing bristle dartboards or electronic dartboards, appropriate installation is essential to getting the most enjoyment out of the game. Knowing how to set up a dartboard, whether you’re using steel tip or soft tip darts, will ensure that you can play safely while still having the most fun possible. Here are some things you should know about putting together a dartboard at home:


Normally for a standing player, the official dartboard height is 173 cm (bull middle), but Russ Strobel, the WDDA founder, has been successfully recognised as an equal and fair dartboard height for a wheelchair player of 137 cm (center of bull ).

The WDF has accepted the usage of these wheelchair setup instructions for all WDF recognized events using the Wildfire 137 dart frame concept.

The groundbreaking Wildfire 137 dart frame was built exclusively for wheelchair players to compete with permanent players. The WDDA has also built a satellite that provides a larger range of disabled people.

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Dartboard Height & Oche Throwing Distance Standard

A typical question is how far and how much height should a dartboard be to the oche? The details below cover the Dartboard Standard (steel tip) or the London Board. The configuration may differ for different regional dartboards such as the Yorkshire Dartboard, Fives Dartboard, and a smaller Manchester Dartboard. These dartboards might have varying board heights or odd distances. The distance recognised for soft-tip Standard Dartboard is 8′ (2.43m) and not 7′ 9 1⁄4′ (2.37m) as displayed below. See section on the regional dartboard.

The measurement remains in metric and non-metric (imperial Feet and Inches). The contemporary configuration employs the metric equivalent to imperial measures. The dartboard layout can be downloaded from this page for both the standard capable body height and the disabled wheelchair height approved in 2012,

Soft-tip Dartboard setup details are also displayed here, however, I did not include a graphic.

Dartboard Set-Up Measurements

This webpage has both metric and imperial measurements to set up the conventional dartboard ‘clock’ or ‘London.’ Those of you with a keen eye are sure that 5’8″ isn’t 173cm as shown so what’s the height?

The height because both the height and length of the formalization are 173cm high and 237cm long. The imperial height measurement was rounded up by 0.28 cm, a tiny change nonetheless, in the earlier imperial measurement another regional dartboard head is still mentioned, but you can see that I have also inserted the metric equivalent.

The height of the board should be 137cm for wheelchair users. More details about wheelchair darts and handicap darts can be seen on this site and on a separate handicap darts page,

Imperial dimensions are still used for most 2BA and the older massive brass barrels and shaft threads not usually found at 4BA this year.


5′ 8″ height “(1.73m) from the floor to the bullseye centre.

Throwing / toe line from the board to the jump or Oche 7′ 9 1⁄4 “(2.37 m) or 9′ 7 1⁄2” “(2.93m) diagonally measured from the bullseye to the jet line). This second measure is used when an uneven surface is played.

Throwing The Street

Minimum clearance of 2′(0.6m) from both sides of the board (remember sharp dart!).

Mounting The board should be mounted flush to the wall that leads directly to the top using D20.

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Dartboards Soft-Tip

For playing a Soft-Tip Board the usual oche length is 8′ (2.43m) not 7′ 9 1⁄4.” (2.37m). For any variation, see your local league. The board height is identical to the normal dartboard.

Distance Throwing Ladies!

One popular question is from which distance should ladies throw themselves?

The women’s throwing distance is the same as the men’s, 7′ 9 1⁄4″ BDO World (2.37m). But numerous leagues throughout the UK have various distances to throw for women. The most frequent distances other than 7’9 1⁄4″ are 7′ 6″ & 7′ 0.” Men’s Other distances include 8′ 0″ & 8′ 6,” however it’s rare currently.

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