Best Android Cycling Apps For Every Cyclist

cycling apps for android

Cycling apps can save your money from hiring cycling trainer. You can use these cycling workout apps to set your goals and improve the performance. Plan your route, track your distance and measure your speed with these best cycling apps. It will show you all your history in the form of graph so that you could keep yourself motivate.

We have discussed some apps for cycling that every cyclist should try.

Map My Ride

Map my ride is an amazing Android cycling app that tell you about your route history. Set your goals in this application and share the results with your friends in community. The app shows you the performance such as calories burned, distance covered and time duration. Add your favorite routes and share it with anyone. The other features like Gear tracker and daily challenges are also useful for every cyclist.

Strava training

You cannot use strava for cycling only but also for swimming and running. Strava cycling app is famous for its customizable training decision. Complete your daily task by setting your target. You can create your profile in strava app and analyze your activities.

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best cycling apps Android

Strava is also available for Android wear.


This is another popular bike app in our list. Runtastic has some great features such as voice coach, measure heart rate and search your route. The application has an impressive interface with full guide. You can also listen your favorite song while cycling. Improve your daily cycling by viewing the history map. Your daily activities and stats will be displayed on your account.

Runtastic Road Bike Trails & GPS Bike Tracker
Runtastic Road Bike Trails & GPS Bike Tracker
Developer: Runtastic
Price: To be announced

Bike Computer

Bike computer can solve your problem if you are a cyclist. It can track all the data including distance, calories, and the speed. The app will show your route in the map. You can customize your profile in the setting. It will keep you motivate when you set a new record. You can get more features with its pro version.

Android cycling apps

100 Greatest Cycling Climbs

As you can get an idea from its name that it is an app of Cycling in a hill. Complete 100 hills route and get wonderful experience with this app. Strava segment are also connected to the cycling climbs. It will show you the result of the nearest locations. Spend your day by climbing your favorite hills with this tool.

100 Greatest Cycling Climbs
100 Greatest Cycling Climbs
Developer: Simon Warren
Price: $6.49+


Komoot is the best outdoor cycling app that every hiker should give a try. You can take benefit from its mountain adventure. Share your hiking photos with the community. You can also add your stories in your travel blogs. Komoot is a real adventure for those who love cycling with hiking backpack.

Exercise Bike Workout

Another great cycling app in our list that has some best features such as voice prompts, evaluate your heart rate and track your work progress. Exercise bike workout is an easy to use Android cycling app for the cyclist that not only show the calories burned result but also helps in building the muscles. It is the best workout app to track your daily activities.

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Android cycling workout apps
Photo by Roman Pohorecki from Pexels

Exercise Bike Workout
Exercise Bike Workout
Developer: dots'n'lines
Price: Free+


It will show you every cycling report in the dashboard from altitude to burned fat. The data then will be saved in the SD card and you can also share real-time reports in the social media. CycleDroid also gives you the history summary of your daily cycling.

CycleDroid – bike computer
CycleDroid – bike computer

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