7 Must Have Cool Car Gadgets For Your Car

Best Cool Car gadgets

Nowadays, gadgets play a very important role in the smart performance of your car. There are various accessories that can increase the functionality of your car and provide you with advanced features in it, although your car is of an old model. Having some cool car gadgets like Hudway Cast Heads help you focus on the road and traffic while driving. These gadgets are usually very expensive, but you can also find some of the best car gadgets that will cost you no more than $10.

Smart accessories are the need of the day. For example, a car back view camera is not pre-installed in the small cars, but you can get one at about $30. There are many other coolest car gadgets that can upgrade your car and make them more efficient. Let’s talk about some best gadgets and accessories but first of all, a small introduction about the gadgets.

What is a Gadget?

A gadget is a small electrical or mechanical tool, device, hardware, or machine that increase the usability and performance of a car, computer, mobile phone or any major hardware. It consists of smart hardware that is programmed to perform specific tasks. It can cost you as low as $1, while many of them are worth hundreds of Dollars.

In this article, we are going to list seven gadgets that you must have in car during your journey.

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Must have gadgets that are useful

7 must have gadgets for your Car:

Car Tire Anti-Slip Mat

Do you love to travel? Do you often stick in the mud or snow while exploring the beauty of hilly areas? This cool gadget for your car will help you bypass all such hurdles. You don’t need to install the tire chains or call a tow truck to pull your car out of the snow. This light-weight traction mat will provide you the emergency traction. It can be easily adjusted to your needs, and is amazingly easy to install and use.

Anti-slip mat is one of the must have gadgets if you travel frequently to outstation and hilly areas. It may cost you about $15 to $20, but its charismatic features are worth hundreds of bucks.

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Car Wheel Anti Skid Pad
Image: eBay

Mini Portable Refrigerator

You don’t need to make stops after every hour for water and food when you have this portable refrigerator in your car. This small-sized refrigerator is a perfect family item and has dual functions of cooling and heating.

You can store 4 litres of water as well as enough food for. So, it is among those accessories that can be used in all seasons. It is environmental friendly, quiet, and lightweight. You can use it by plugging it into the cigarette lighter plug.

This cool car gadget can be used not only in the car, but also at home. You will just need a 220V adapter for it. It may cost you about $30 to $40 depends on the brand.

car electronic gadgets
Credit: Alexnld

The Best Car Escape Tool

As we have said earlier, not all the smart car accessories are expensive, some may cost you a couple of bucks. And this car escape tool is supporting our opinion with its price. Yes, this tool can cost you only $1 or $2. It is a powerful 3-in-1 escape tool that helps you cut the seat belt and break the window glass in emergency situations.

This is not just a cool gadget for your car, but a life saver companion too. It can also help you in the underwater escape. This smart tool will always be in your hands as you can also use it as a key-chain.

Car Escape Tool
Image: Resqme

Cell Phone Signal Booster

It is very important to connect with your friends and family during the long journey. On super highways and motorways, you may face less or no signals problem in your cell phone which can lead to a serious problem in case of an emergency.

This electronic signal booster is a smart electronic gadget that enhances the signal strength of your cell phone in a moving car. The best feature of this signal booster is that you don’t need to connect it physically with your phone. Although, it can cost you up to $475, still, this is worth buying.

Cell phone signal booster
Credit: Amazon


PowerCup is one of the best car gadgets I have ever witnessed. It is a power inverter device that invert the car DC into AC and USB power. You can literally charge or run any electronic device that needs electrical power to work. Cell phones, laptops, DVD players, Power banks, and other portable devices can be charged using PowerCup.

You can use this by hooking it up to your car’s cigarette lighter plug. It will cost you no more than $30, but having this cool gadget in your car means you have the ultimate access to the electric power.

PowerCup Inverter
Credit: Amazon

iHud Windshield Protector

If you are looking for some smart gadgets to impress your friends, simply go for iHud Windshield Protector. It is not just stylish, but it adds value to your car. You can see your smartphone’s screen over the windshield without any risk. Whether it is a map or you are looking for other information on your smartphone, iHud Windshield Protector will give you the tremendous results. It is one of the smart car accessories that increase your safety while driving. It can cost you up to $410, but that price is not important if it comes to your safety.

Cool car gadgets
Credit: Theverge

Car Spy Camera with DVR

It is a small hidden camera that looks like an inverter, but this smart device records everything that happens in your car. Either you are making a quick deal in your car or has rented your car to a friend for some time, you need not worry about it. By installing a 32GB SD Card in this smart camera, you can record for up to 8 hours. The price of this cool spy gadget is $450.

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smart car accessories
Credit: SpyGearCo

Final Verdict

So, these were the seven must have gadgets for cars that will improve your travel experience as well as help you in an emergency situation. When looking for the best car gadgets and smart accessories, you should consider these cool gadgets for your car.

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