Downloading Minecraft: Java Edition and Installing Mods on PC

Downloading Minecraft: Java Edition and Installing Mods on PC

Playing Minecraft is fun to play regardless of age. In this article, I will demonstrate to you guys how to download Minecraft and install mods on PC. Firstly, make sure that your PC or laptop can run Minecraft.

Minecraft’s minimum PC requirement

Firstly, make sure that your PC or laptop can run Minecraft mods , you don’t want to play it when it’s not compatible or when it won’t run well.  If you think your PC can handle Minecraft, let’s get started with installing Java.

Downloading and Installing Java 

Firstly, we need to install Java. We need Java because Minecraft: Java Edition is designed to work with Java, and we need it to install first before installing Minecraft: Java Edition. When you complete downloading Java, you have to fix it on your PC. To install:

  1. Double-click the Java installer.
  2. Click Install and Java will automatically start the installation process.
  3. Restart your PC after installation.
  4. Now that we have Java installed in our PC, we can now download Minecraft: Java Edition.

 Downloading Minecraft: Java Edition

When you finish installing Java, we can start downloading Minecraft: Java Edition before installing mods. Download Minecraft here. Complete these steps after downloading Minecraft.

  1.  Double-click on the Minecraft installer in your download folder.
  2. A window will launch  and hit the Next key and select the installation   folder
  3.  Tap Install.
  4. When you finish installing, Minecraft should launch automatically and update it if your Minecraft is outdated. Once you complete the update, press PLAY.

Now that we have Minecraft and you think that you still lack to enjoy the game, here are some mods to enjoy the game.

Minecraft Mods for Beginners

Minecraft mods add custom items, blocks, and even texters to Minecraft. Modding allows users to add new tools, blocks, mobs, and more. Here are some mods for beginners:


This mod allows users to build a particular tunnel machine. With this mod, you can enjoy mining and digging for diamonds because it will help you uncover and do tunneling.

Chisel 2 

This mod allows users to add a wide variety of designs to enjoy the boring design of blocks in Minecraft. There are two individual blocks, which are the Cloud in a Bottle and the Ball O’Moss. It will let you cover your blocks and create clouds.


This mod allows users to manage all their mods and even help to track every one of them. This app also allows users to keep track of their mods with the search bar.

Installing Forge

You can download it here for free, but make sure that the Forge version that you are using is compatible with the Minecraft version you are using. Afterwards, here’s how to install:

  1. Double-click on the .jar document to begin downloading.
  2. An installer for the mod system window will pop-up. After that, select “Install” and then hit “OK.”
  3.  Open Minecraft: Java Edition and select Forge as your profile.

You have to make sure that you select your profile for a default user who is Forge and download all the mods in the profile for the mods to work. After this, we can now look and save the mods that are for you.

Install Minecraft Mods

After downloading Java, Minecraft: Java Edition, and Forge, we can now search for the mods that we want, might as well consider the mods recommended for the beginners. Here’s how to download FREE mods ready to be installed:

  1. Head to the website CurseForge and look for the mod that you’re searching for, use the search bar to find specific mods.
  2. After seeing the mod that you wanted, click Download to download.
  3.  Look for “C:\Users\” User’s name”\AppData\Roaming\Minecraft
  4. Put all the downloaded mods into the folder named “Mods.” If it hasn’t been added, add one, and you’re done.
  5. Enjoy! You can now launch Minecraft and make sure that you begin the same game edition with your profile from Forge.