How To Merge PDF With PDFBear: Simple, Easy, and Free

PDFBear offers a PDF Merge tool that is incredibly straightforward and effective. This online tool should be more than helpful for those who have previous struggles upon merging their PDF documents. Now, merging different PDF documents into one has never been this easy and seamless. Anyone can access this PDF Merge tool and start merging PDFs for free.

You’ll get the same trademark of quality that all PDFBear online tools feature. This online converter tool does all the work for you, so you won’t be confused along the process. Use it today to effectively and effortlessly merge any PDF documents. Here are a few important notes on the PDF Merge tool from PDFBear:

How To Merge PDF

The process of merging PDF documents on PDFBear is very easy to follow. This process won’t feel like rocket science to you or any complicated and confusing process. You should be able to merge PDF documents effortlessly. All you need is to follow four simple steps in merging PDF documents.

You’ll first need to select the PDF files that you want to merge and import them to this PDF merge tool. Alternatively, you can choose those files and use the drag-and-drop method as another way to upload. Then, PDFBear’s online PDF merger should automatically merge your files into a single PDF document.

You’ll have the chance to modify your files if you deem it necessary. Simply press on the “Merge PDF!” button once you’re done. A downloadable PDF should be available in a short while. You can save it to your disc, system, or share the file to your Dropbox. You can also share the file to your Google User Drive if you want to store it online.

An Effective Merge

PDFBear’s PDF Merge tool is the easiest and quickest way to merge and combine multiple PDF documents into one PDF file. The four-step process it uses is simply straightforward that it’d be a no-brainer to use. It even places this four-step process on the converter tool to serve as a reference for users who are currently using it.

All it takes to merge PDF documents through PDFBear is a few clicks. Without a doubt, the entire merge process of this online tool is incredibly effortless. If you need to merge PDF files in the easiest way possible, then PDFBear should be your top choice.

Your purpose in merging multiple PDF files won’t be an issue. Regardless of the purpose, PDFBear will produce a merged PDF document that meets your standards. Subsequently, all data from those PDF documents you merged is combined effectively and correctly.

Cheap & Efficient

PDFBear’s online PDF merge tool is one that won’t require a hefty amount to access or use. You can merge multiple PDFs with ease and without spending tons along the way. There surely isn’t a need to overpay for this PDF optimization tool. You can find one that merges PDF for free on PDFBear.

There’s a long list of expensive software tools on the market. These expensive software tools most probably have the same process. Perhaps the outcome of PDFBear exceeds those premium PDF optimization software. If you want to save while not compromising on the convenience and quality, choose and merge PDF documents through PDFBear.

Online Based PDF Merger On All Platforms

PDFBear’s PDF Merge tool is online-based. With this, all you need is a web browsing app to access this highly-coveted PDF optimization service. You can effectively use any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone upon merging multiple PDF documents. 

This online PDF Merge tool should work perfectly regardless of the operating system that you’ll be using. You can seamlessly combine multiple PDF documents on any Windows, Mac, or Linux system. Subsequently, you can use this PDF merger on any web browsing apps like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and more!

You can take this PDF Merge tool anywhere with you. Simply open this online PDF merge tool using the same web browsing apps on your smartphones or tablet. In turn, you can seamlessly merge multiple PDF documents from your handheld device once you secure a Wi-Fi or Data connection.

Secure PDF Merge Tool

PDFBear uses a highly private and secure connection. Its 256-bit Encryption should be effective in keeping the entire platform from any malicious operations. Subsequently, this Encryption will allow you to steer clear of anyone that might be potentially spying on your work. You can effectively keep your files secure through PDFBear and its Encryption. 

All file uploads and transfers across the PDFBear platform will also be deleted and removed from the servers after an hour. With this approach, PDFBear can ensure its users that no other user can access and use those files you’ve uploaded and transferred.


You can only merge multiple PDF documents a certain number of times. With this, if you have a long list of PDF documents to merge, then it’s time to upgrade to PDFBear PRO. No need to raise any worry or concern, as PDFBear PRO is still incredibly cheap and efficient. For a cheap price of $5.99 a month, you’ll get bonus features and perks that will make any PDF editing, converting, and optimization even easier!


A lot of users are relying on PDFBear and its online PDF merge tool. It also supplements this PDF optimization tool with other tools that you might need afterward. You can always use PDFBear’s compression tool once you’ve finished merging multiple PDF documents. You’d see that handling PDF documents is incredibly easy and seamless through PDFBear.