PDFBear: A User-Friendly Online PDF Tool For Reducing File Size


The trend of demands has significantly drifted from conventional ways to a more digitized one. Most sources of living can now be found and initiated on the internet! So it is best to adapt to these changes and learn more about our computer systems and electronic files. Start by mastering your files in portable document format, then learn about PDFBear.

PDFBear: Versatile and Easy To Use

Despite the outstanding usability of PDFs, people had a difficult time managing them because of limited resources. Fortunately, we now have a free online tool such as PDFBear that is versatile and easy to use! It is nearly impossible to compress PDF big size when you do not acquire the paid Adobe programs. But with this website, it becomes as easy as ABC.


This website is also composed of an excellent selection of PDF tools, making it an ideal and versatile choice for PDF users. With this free online instrument, you can reduce your file size, convert your files to PDF, combine and separate PDF pages, and make slight PDF edits as well. You will also have options to repair damaged PDFs.


You can also lock and unlock your PDFs using this online instrument. Aside from its versatility, it is elementary to use as the steps are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. You just need to establish a good internet connection, and you are good to go. So get your PDFs ready and get to know more about the functions of PDFBear!

PDF Compressor For Light and Heavy Compression Tasks

We will first start with PDFBear’s PDF compressor tool. When you are handling large PDFs requiring file size minimization, this tool is your number one choice. The compression may vary on your needs. If you only need to compress a light PDF, you can stick to PDFBear’s free PDF compressor.


However, if you are working with immensely heavy PDFs with file sizes reaching up to 1GB, you need to consider upgrading to PDFBear PRO. For your information, PDFBear PRO is not for free but comes with a reasonable price. If you are a professional who manages tons of PDFs weekly, then upgrading this subscription is an intelligent decision.

  1. To compress your PDF, you can start by going to the website and select the “Compress PDF” option. Worry not; PDFBear works well with any web browser and operating system.
  2. You can drag and drop your large PDF to the PDFBear dropbox to upload. You can also do the manual search and upload right away.
  3. Then, you will have to choose whether you are doing a Basic or Strong PDF compress. The Basic compress is the free PDF compressor for lighter PDFs, and the Strong PDF compress is where you upgrade to PRO and compress large PDFs even up to 1GB.
  4. After choosing your preferred PDF compression option, this website will automatically commence the compression process and have your file ready in less than a minute.
  5. You can do the usual download to save your freshly compressed PDF. On the other hand, you can utilize its URL to share it online quicker.

Utilizing The PDF Split

Aside from the PDF compress function, another way to reduce PDF file size is by utilizing the PDF split. Although the PDF split’s primary purpose is to detach pages from a specific PDF for page management, you can also take advantage of this free online tool to remove space-consuming pages from your PDFs. Thus, your file size will also be reduced.


Mainly if your PDF contains many pages with high-quality pictures or any other graphic materials, the file size will definitely shoot up. PDFBear’s PDF split allows you to select specific pages from your PDF and extract them as individualized files. This tool is also a good option when you have unnecessary pages mixed up with your corporate documents.

Quality PDF Converter

As mentioned earlier, PDFBear is a versatile PDF tool that also caters to PDF conversion services. If you have other electronic files that need to be converted to the PDF structure, you can maximize this free online PDF converter. Provided that other file formats experience formatting issues because of using different versions, this tool is necessary to create PDFs.


Microsoft programs’ files like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are best transformed into PDF to prevent these formatting complications. This is for you to maintain your file content’s consistency without harming its quality. With this website, you can also convert the webpage’s HTML and JPG images to PDF!

Converting PDF To Other Format For Editing

If you can convert your usual files to PDF, you will also have options to convert your PDF the other way around! Of course, PDFs are naturally less editable. Therefore, you need to transform its format to its most compatible one to have more access to significant changes. You do not have to purchase Adobe programs for this task as PDFBear has it all!


Although PDFBear also has extra tools for editing like adding e-signatures, page numbers, and watermarks, this PDF converter is what you need for drastic content adjustments. You must first identify your file’s original form, and you can choose from PDFBear’s home page the conversion you need.


For the past decades, PDF dilemmas were quite challenging to overcome. Thanks to these technological advancements and innovations, PDFs have become more vulnerable and easier to use! Make sure to bookmark PDFBear so you can access it faster.