Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Software 


While working on computers, laptops, or even the hand help gadgets, there are chances of losing the essential information. Data loss can happen with anyone and any time. There were times when the users could not get back the lost data. The recovery or getting it back was merely impossible. As technology has developed, it has become possible to bring back the data without any hassle. The software world has various applications that can assist in resolving the problem. Now, if the data is lost from your Windows, there is nothing to worry about. You can retrieve it back with the applications available.

How is the data lost?

Losing the data can be due to several reasons. Some significant causes that can deprive you of the essential information are as follows:

  • Virus intrusion
  • Getting the data using the RAW partition
  • The hard drive going out of order
  • Deletion
  • System failure
  • Formatting
  • Section loss

What is EaseUS Data Recovery? 

The computer and laptop users can quickly recover the data lost with the help of the different software. There is a huge competition going on. It is hard for any application to make its position in the world of software available. The users usually prefer something easy to understand, convenient, and reliable. If you have lost the data due to any of the reasons mentioned above, then there is an excellent solution resting for you. EaseUS data recovery software can help you get back all that you have lost. EaseUS has been working for the last 15 years. In this journey, it has won the hearts of those who have used it. It is a tested application that has proved its worth.

What makes EaseUS Data Recovery Unique? 

Are you thinking of a person on the death bed? What can save him? a drug that protects life. Losing critical data means that you are facing something that can be hard to meet. The loss of data can be challenging both as a professional and an individual. You never know what reason is going to take away the data from your system. It can be your hard drive refusing to work or an unknown error crashing the system, a virus trying to trespass, or the partitions not working correctly. Whatever the reason may be, the team EaseUS is ready to resolve your problems securely. This application is not correcting the things according to logic. It is just concerned with correction and giving you the best results in the data recovered shape.

Can the EaseUS be used safely? 

Have you lost any data in the near past? Is any of your damage? You have a safe solution in the form of EaseUS Wizard. Regardless of the OS, it can correct any of the errors and the problems. Get it done with the paid and the free versions. The free version allows you to get back 1 GB of data. If you are a social media freak, contact ready to recover the 2 GB data you have lost during sharing.

You would fall in love with the interface. It has all those features that they had never enjoyed before. It is with the interface that the user can get back the data without any problem. The recovery is partial or complete depending upon the need of the users.

Some Unnoticed Features of EaseUS Data Recovery

There are several kinds of applications these days, but the name EaseUS is the name that has a list of satisfied users, unlike many other applications. What fascinates the users the most is the following features:

  • Perfect interface
  • Completely secure retrieval
  • Optimized algorithms
  • A scan can be stopped or paused when needed.
  • Save scan results for the future.

How to Recover Lost Data Using EaseUS Data Recovery?

EaseUS would not bother you much. It is a perfect choice that can assist you at any time. You don’t need a whole list of people working to recover the files. Just download the application and start recovering your files. Before you begin the recovery process, remember

  • What is lost and what you want to recover. There is no need to spend time recovering the files that you don’t need.
  • Scan the device thoroughly. Use the option of either a quick scan or a deep scan.
  • Check for the previews while filtering the files. Select the ones that you need.

Steps in Recovering the Data with EaseUS

If you have neer used EaseUS in the past, then here are the steps to help you use and understand the EaseUS.

1. Download & Installation 

Get the file drw_trial.exe on your system. After the download completes, start the installation by double-clicking the file. A welcome dialogue appears that would ask you if you like to continue or not. If you have made up your mind, click Next.

The license agreement and other options keep coming on the screen. Keep clicking the option saying  “Next” to continue with the procedure. Finally, the installation completes. As the desktop icon appears, it means that the installation is complete.

2. Recover the Data

  • Select the location where you have lost the data. It can be a partition, external hard drive, or a USB recovery. Once done, scan the location.
  • As the scanning completes, look for the files that you want to recover. Locate the data quickly and then filter the results to find any specific file on the system. Double click on the item to preview the file.
  • Finally, you are there. It is time to start the recovery. Choose the location where you want to save the file.

3. Save the Data

A list of lost items appears after the scan. You have the chance to look at the Thumbnail view. Check the name, size, and type of the file. Some of the functionalities and features are for the registered members. After getting the registration, it becomes possible to unlock these features like recovery of unlimited files and to save them to the wanted places.


This is how, in a few easy steps, things can become manageable. It is a super easy choice to get back your essential documents. Remember, the creators are there to support you in all ways. If you find the things hard to manage, then just go to the Help option and check for the guidelines that the help centers will offer. The solution is here, and the rest lies in managing the lost things from the system.

Our Recommendations

As you can see, file recovery using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is super easy, and it doesn’t require any special skills or technical knowledge. Should you stumble upon some difficulties, you can resort to the Help system, which can be accessed by clicking “Help” on top of the interface. We used a simple situation as an example here. But with the same simplicity, you could recover files even in more challenging conditions, for example, when the partition was formatted, and you want to recover the formatted partition.

Happy recovery!!!