Rules Of Shut The Box Game

shut the box game

Shut the Box can be played solo or with a group of up to four other people.

A player begins by rolling both dice and counting the number of ‘pitches’ or dots (dots) on each die. Add the numbers on the dice together to get the total. This amount allows the player to knock down or “close” any combination of numbered levers that add up to the sum by using this sum. For example, if the player receives a 2 and a 5, he or she may choose to ‘close’ the game:

seven, one and six, two and five, three and four, one & two & four

*Please keep in mind that if the levers numbered 7-9 (or 7-12 depending on the version of the game board) are still “open,” the player must roll both dice; if the levers numbered 7-9 (or 7-12 depending on the version of the game board) are “closed,” the player may choose whether to roll one die or both dice.

The first player continues to roll the dice until they are unable to come up with an appropriate combination of numbers to “close” the game. Take the total of the numbers on the levers that are still “open,” and this is the score of the first player. For example, if the 1, 2, and 9 levers are still “open,” the player’s total score is twelve dollars.

It is now the time for the second player to take the field. Once again, all of the levers are ‘opened,’ and the process is carried out by the second player.

When all of the players have taken their turns, the one with the lowest score is declared the winner.

After all of the levers are successfully closed by one player, they are said to have “shut the box.” The game concludes immediately, and this person receives an automatic win for his or her efforts.

If you’re using poker chips or real money, you should place your bets in the pot before the game starts. At the conclusion of each round, the pot is awarded to the victorious player. If a player is successful in ‘closing the box,’ they will receive double the stake from each player that participated.

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If you’re playing with two or more individuals, decide who will go first before you begin. This can be accomplished by rolling the dice and selecting the number that is the highest on the roll.

Depending on how many numbers are rolled, either one number is made by adding them all together or three numbers are made by breaking them into three numbers. When a five and three are rolled, for example, the following results are obtained:

This can be added to the number 8.

The player brings the number 8 to a close.

Alternatively, they can close the 5 and 3.

Alternatively, they might close the numbers 5, 2, and 1.

Alternatively, they can shut the numbers 4, 3, and 1.

The player continues to roll the dice and close numbers until they are unable to shut any more tiles, at which point their turn comes to an end. They are added together in accordance with the preferred scoring style (see page 1), and then it is the turn of the next player. After a specific number of rounds, the winner is determined by the player who has the lowest score.

If a player successfully ends all ties, they have “shut the box” and have won the game altogether. This is more difficult to accomplish than you might imagine!

Shut the Box can be played in a number of different ways. If you need help finding and learning about alternatives online, ask an adult for assistance by searching for “How to Play Shut the Box” or “Shut the Box Game Variations.”

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The Rules Of The Game “Shut The Box”

Shut the Box is also known as Canoga in some circles. Due to the fact that it is a traditional pub game with no national governing organization, there are several variations in equipment and rules. When in doubt, the rules of the game as it is played locally should always be followed.

Despite being able to be played by any number of players, Shut the Box is most pleasant when played by two, three, or four people. Some people even play the game by themselves as a form of patience training. When played in the traditional manner in English pubs, Shut the Box is a gambling activity in which each of the players pays an agreed sum into a “pool” at the beginning of each round, with the winner collecting the pool at the conclusion of each round. However, in order to participate in the game, it is not required to gamble.

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Close The Box For Four Players.

It is possible to purchase a Shut the Box game that includes four sets of flaps and, on sometimes, four sets of dice. Simply follow the regular Shut the Box rules in one of the two ways outlined below:

  1. If there are just two dice or if both of the dice are the same color, players take turns throwing the dice and flipping their flaps until they are unable to toss any more dice.

When the central area is large enough and each player has two dice of different colors, everyone tosses the dice at the same time each turn until they are unable to throw any more dice.


The ‘long game’ is a popular two-player variant that is played on a computer. The player who goes first seeks to close the box in the same manner as described previously. When one player’s turn finishes, the second player takes over the board in its current state and seeks to expose all of the covered numbers using the exact same rules as the previous player. In the event that a double is thrown, the player receives an additional turn. He or she who closes or opens the box first will be declared the winner.

Another option to play is to add the number of points a player receives in each round to their overall total. When a player’s score hits 45, that person must withdraw from the game, and the game is won by the last player left standing.

The single die option, according to some players, is activated once the total of the remaining numbers is fewer than six.

In some cases, an alternative method of calculating the score is employed, in which the player’s score is determined by the number that is read directly from the available digits on the box. For example, if the numbers 1, 5, and 9 are revealed, the total score is 159.

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