3 Best Smartphone Innovations to Expect in 2020

Innovation in technology

Since the last two decades, mobile phones have been part of our lives, and they have evolved so much in the last ten years. The mobile phones started with just a basic device to contact your loved ones and now have become integral to our lives and provide us with help at every corner.

Smartphones started evolving in the late of last decade with Google buying Android Inc. and launching the first Android device in 2008. It brought a storm in the phone industry as it matched the ease and GUI of the famous iPhone. Android and iOS can be both credited to start the evolution of phones and transforming them into smartphones.

But if you thought that Smartphones cannot surprise you anymore, and you have seen it all, let’s just prepare to get bamboozled!!

5G Phones

With the world not even properly accustomed to the 4G and with even some parts of the world not even getting internet services, let alone 4G, the world will be soon preparing to see 5G internet in most of its region by 2020.

As of now, 5G is currently only used in certain areas of the United States, South Korea and China. Most of the hyperlocal businesses like Swiggy are in the need of 5G technology to be incorporated for their business development.

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5G technology in 2020

Although 5G is still in beta, it provides amazing upload and download speeds. According to ITU guidelines, 5G networks will provide you with speeds beyond your imagination. With 5G giving (at its peak) 20 GB/s for downloading and 10 GB/s for uploading. Latency in the network is also as low as just 4 milliseconds in the case of mobile 5G network. While at its best, it could get as low as 1 millisecond.

Let’s move on to the next technology that will probably blow up in the next year.

Foldable Phones

Imagine a tablet sized phone with all the features and more of the current best phones in the market, but you don’t have to bother about where to put them or even if your jeans pocket will fit them because they can be folded.

Foldable phones will be expensive! Probably even more than some of the iPhones but let’s be honest, they would be PRETTY AWESOME!!! Samsung is probably going to be the first one to launch foldable phones because they showed off one of the prototype not long ago.

While Samsung may be the only one right now, Huawei is not far behind. Huawei CEO Richard Yu said that they are working on foldable phones at the launch of Mate 20.

Your phone can and will soon be able to fold up like clothes and put it wherever you like. Although if you are an iPhone user, sadly, there is no news of Apple launching its own foldable phones. So, you probably got to wait before Apple begin its journey in this direction.

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Foldable phone technology
Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has quickly and quite impactfully changed the phones of today’s generation. Through AI prediction and suggesting videos to you, you may want to watch AI help you predict the weather forecast for the next few days.

The most common form of AI that you will most likely see is the Google assistant on your Android and Siri for your iPhone. These chat-bots will become smarter and better every time they pass in updates, and we can only expect them to get better.

The cameras in mobile phones are now becoming more and more smarter, and in some cases can even recognize faces, ages and even genders. All of this is bound to get better in the next year.

Search engines also use artificial intelligence to get the best ads and search results for you. Search engines used AI user’s inputs to get better at their job as AI usage tries to find patterns into human working around the software and then uses these patterns to predict the best for the user.

Artificial intelligence technology
Photo by Hitesh

The Bottom Line

So prepare yourself to be blown away by the incoming technologies in the 2020 year or so. While these may take more time to get into the lives of normal users, they will definitely improve our lives in the coming years.

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