Why Coding is Necessary for Future Generation

Why Coding is Necessary for Future Generation

Science develops extremely fast. Our world could hardly imagine what we did during the last 50 years. It is magic and seems that we discovered everything and only narrow questions are open for developers and scientists. It is not a secret that coding accompanies all aspects of life and technologies and sometimes performs like its engine. When you read and realize all these things you can be afraid that you are not even close to world progress but it is wrong. Nobody was born with such knowledge but everybody studied a lot. If we discuss coding in particular then we all agree that everyone made mistakes, read a lot of forums about the problems, used online coding help, fixed problems, and finally coded a great product. All big things start from small and professional coding is not an exception. We believe that this is the profession of the future and will try to prove it. 

We prove that coding is a future 

Global digitalization is unstoppable.

Technologies are everywhere. They penetrated all spheres of life and invaded even those where we didn’t expect to see them. The main thing that happens is that the speed of the spread of information is close to immediate. It is impossible to conceal anything from the one hand, but also impossible to check the credibility of this information flow from another hand. Another fact is that devices occupied all professions and this also accelerated the process of information exchange. 

Online services capture the world rapidly.

Messengers, booking services, online banking, navigation programs. This list contains the least set that everyone uses every day. Nowadays every small shop or service creates its website to attract buyers. If you are not available online you don’t exist. At the same time, the website must give you the possibility to order the products you choose because if you can’t do it you probably won’t go to the shop and they will lose a buyer. Website owners pay for every click that leads potential buyers from search sites (Google, Yahoo, etc.) to private sites. To create this search-buy system programmers are necessary on all steps. 

The Internet community becomes important more and more every day.

For some people, social media has replaced the real world. We talk about ignoring all other resources of information. They read reposted news. They communicate only with online friends and followers on Instagram for virtual happenings. We can condemn it but it exists and grows because of a lot of different reasons. To keep it working it is necessary to code and improve these online social systems all the time. It also speeds up the information exchange process that so demanded our and next generations. 

Invading space is inescapable.

Space is a special topic. Thanks to ultra-modern technologies and private companies the space invasion does not seem a dream anymore. The best physicists, programmers, and other specialists work to prove that it is a reality to build a colony on another planet. Sure, for those African countries that are dying from thirst these problems seem crazy but it doesn’t mean that all society must concern the same to the questions of the space program. We believe that it is the future and coding is on the front line of it. 

Illnesses distribute quickly and require the same reaction.

To predict and to forecast is a part of coding responsibility. Programs must know the result in advance and only after that start experiment on creatures. Soft for hospitals and research laboratories should be a priority for every developer who can help. It is an inherent part of our society and its survival.

The speed of information exchange grows every day.

We already mentioned it but here we want to notice that the speed of business information is more important than personal. Banks, stock exchanges, communication between branches, online results of every transaction are among those business world operations that are accessible thanks to technologies. 

Common daily deals delegated to robots and their possibilities develop with every version.

So many helpers appeared at home and offices. They can save time and make their job in time and without mistakes. They report about every step and predict a lot of bad situations and warn about them. Cars are a perfect example. Today it is a clever organism that can avoid crashes much better than drivers can. Robots cleaners, clever house gadgets are the future that is in the present thanks to technologies and programming. 

You don’t want robots to take your job, right? Code robots! 

Artificial intelligence and Data Science replaces the sphere of not risky decision making. It scares and delights at the same time. It is a new level in developing and programming that leads to unpredictable changes. We hope that these changes will be only positive for society and future generations but it is unstoppable anyway. The specialist of coding must be brilliant to control artificial intelligence and guide its possibilities the right way. Such developments are another level of science and we must be ready to accept it. 

So what is the conclusion? Programming is everywhere even if you don’t realize it. If it is everywhere then the specialist must develop with their science at the same time. Artificial intelligence is closer to reality than we thought. And that’s all about future generations and our heritage to them. If you want to be a part of this exciting and highly responsive task, then be good at coding and it will allow you to touch this future. 

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