10 Best Free DVD Players for Windows 10 and Mac

10 Best Free DVD Players for Windows 10 and Mac

Software DVD players allow you to watch PC videos with a DVD-ROM drive. They can be used to play standard media files such as MKV, MP4, MP3, OGG, MPEG, other types of video playback. The facilities in DVD player supply equipment such as HDTV and TV support. This app includes a strong stream video filtering service.

Below is an artwork with the common features and links of the Top 10 Best Free DVD Player. The list includes both open-source software (free) and proprietary software (pay).


Pot-Player is a full-fledged DVD player app that can play almost any file. You can play 360 grades and 3D videos with this app.

Your videos can be quickly handled. It has smooth replay on film. Snapshots can be used to preview the scene. You will pick sound cards. You should bookmark the scene with Pot-Player. The gadgets such as DVD, HDTV, TV, etc. are supported.

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Windows DVD Player

A software application that enables you to view your videos and movies from DVDs is Windows DVD Player. You will play DVDs on your computer. The tool has fast disc navigation power. Only put a disc into a DVD player helps you to view the video.

Watch videos without a delay. It is both commercial and home-crafted DVD compliant.


Power-DVD is a high-quality video retrieval multimedia program. It enables the media to be coordinated in a single location. The tool allows you to access your library on-demand from any device or screen.

From the stage where you were left, you will continue to watch. On your cell phone, watch movies and TV shows. Give your friends and family the chance to share videos. It offers extensive details about the media you play. Search your TV shows and pictures and view them quickly.

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Free Media Player

A tool for viewing videos shows and audio files conveniently is the free Media Player. The 4 K video resolution is supported.

True-HD and DTS-HD audio service. Support. Windows and Mac are open. Play videos like AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, etc. You can hear MP3, FLC, OGG, and WAV files from this tool.

VLC by Video-Lan

VLC is still the best free Windows 10 DVD player when it comes to free DVD player applications. It’s a free Windows 10 DVD player with high video format support. It’s not a challenging job to play DVDs with VLC. Simply insert the DVD in the DVD ROM drive, launch the VLC player by pressing ‘Media>Open File,’ pick the ‘Disk’ button and then choose ‘DVD.’ This DVD player can display a menu on this Windows 10 if it is on the DVD. This free DVD player isn’t easy to learn to play on Windows 10. To view more player settings, right-click on the player screen.

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All-Player is a free DVD player app for all forms of video formats as its name suggests, as our NO.8 option for top DVD players for Windows 10. Although it does not play explicitly DVD but does play DVD files with this free DVD player app. But you first have to open a DVD disc to view them. VOB files, and then play with this player if you are using this free DVD player. Much like any other free DVD player, you can pick or change subtitles, select audio on the screen player, etc. Default Windows 10 DVD players can be modified and a favor is granted.


A PC video player is RealPlayer. You can keep your web videos on your screen securely with this app. Videos can be translated into the most popular formats to allow you to experience HD videos. You will use it to privately preserve the video.

Without streaming, you can import files. You can save and play videos from well-known websites, like YouTube. A password or a video pin may be set.


This player allows you to access even regions of coded and CSS-encrypt DVDs. This is a versatile media player. Throughout the process, you need to pay $49.96 to upgrade to their Pro Edition if you want to get access to all the functions this DVD player has to offer. You can play DVDs, VCDs or SVCDs in all versions of Blaze-DVD and choose from different playback modes.

The help for Surround Sound increases the reproduction of audio and provides the audience with a theatre experience. Moreover, if you choose to limit access to the violent content of your children, you can select from 10 audio filters to open media files on Blaze-DVD or to use the Parental Control features. The development of slideshows in an MPEG2 file format from still images or the capturing of videos are both options open to you if you chose to use the paid Blaze-DVD version. Excellent capabilities for audio playback. Offers a mode of analysis. Equipped with the technology Smart Stretch. Enhances video and audio playback with multi-core CPU acceleration features.

BS Player

BS Player is a DVD player with HD, AVC, videos, audio, and more playable replay. You can view clips with subtitles in this program.

The video files are available for AVCHD replay. The app will help you locate lost video subtitles. Audio and media file forms like MPEG-1, MPEG-4, and more can be played. You can change the theme with BS Player. YouTube is supported by this tool. The player can be quickly resized. You will drag and drop video and audio files to your player.


5 K is a fine Windows 10 DVD player. You will use it without problems to display high definition or HD images. So it’s called Windows 10 HD DVD player. It’s better than that as a free DVD player for Windows 10. You may also use it to play streaming videos, aside from offline video replay.


Although there are no native DVD and Blu-ray players on Windows 10, it is not too difficult to locate a media player that can view audio and video content from Blu-ray or from a DVD. Media players such as Pot Player and VLC will offer seamless and unrestricted streaming of both audio and video files, while DVD players such as Power-DVD is a great way to do this.

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