Best Snapchat Saver Apps To Save Pictures and Videos

Android SnapChat Saver Apps

SnapChat is one of the most popular instant messaging apps nowadays. SnapChat introduced several features which were not available in other messaging apps. Although many apps then copied their features later, still SnapChat is the trendsetter. One of the most popular features of SnapChat is that all the images, videos, and messages sent through SnapChat are self-destructive, means they are destroyed after a specific time of receiving. Although, it is a handy feature of SnapChat. But for many people, it is a problem. And there is no problem in the world without a solution. So, for this problem, we have various Android SnapChat Saver Apps that help you save the received messages. Let’s talk about some SnapChat story savers.

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Best Android SnapChat Saver Apps:

SnapSave for SnapChat

It is one of the best apps to save snapchat stories. This SnapChat Photo Saver allows you to take screenshots of chat, videos, and photos, etc. The sender will be unaware of it. You can save all the screenshots with the friend’s name by setting it up in the application. SnapSave for SnapChat is free to install and is available here to download.

SnapSave for Snapchat
SnapSave for Snapchat
Developer: MattJAshworth
Price: Free+


Casper SnapChat saver is another gem that is used widely to save SnapChat stories. Using Casper for SnapChat, you can experience SnapChat features within the Casper. You can use filters, stickers, and emojis as well as save and forward messages.

It can save all the snapchat stories automatically without knowing the sender. Casper for SnapChat is not available on the Google play store and you have to download Casper APK from here.

Casper for SnapChat

Download apk


This is another story saver for SnapChat and you can use it by logging into it using your credentials. Along with saving the SnapChat stories automatically, this SnapChat downloader app has a variety of features including photo editing. SaveMySnaps is not available in the Google play store and you can download it using the link below.

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Apps to save snapchat videos and pictures


Snap Screenshot for SnapChat

This easy to use SnapChat photo saver is one of the best. Like all other SnapChat savers, this story saver gives you a wonderful experience of saving the SnapChat stories without letting the senders know.

This application gives you a floating button on the screen so you can easily take a screenshot. The screenshots are saved to the internal memory of your device. You can download this app from Google play store.

SnapScreenshot Tool
SnapScreenshot Tool
Developer: VB Applications
Price: Free

How to save SnapChat without an app?

Well, we have a bonus tip for you to save screenshots of the pictures, etc. As soon as you receive a notification, do the following steps.

  • Switch the device to Airplane Mode.
  • Tap on the SnapChat notification and take the screenshot. (Try to do this as quickly as possible)
  • Go to the settings and log out from the app.
  • Close the application and switch the flight mode off.

Now, open the SnapChat app and log in normally. The SnapChat story will still be unopened and you already have the screenshot. So, how was the trick?

Final Words

These were the four best Android SnapChat Saver Apps along with a bonus tip. We’d like to hear from you through the comment forms below.

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