8 Tips for Efficiently Storing Your Kids’ Toys


We know how much you adore your kids as a parent. However, we also understand how you feel when things sometimes become more overwhelming than usual. Either you are a full-time employee or a full-time house parent, it is still difficult to care for kids. With our demanding workloads, house chores that needed to be done, and taking care of our kids, we know that you definitely need all the help you can receive. Today, we will give you a few tips on housekeeping and looking after your kids that will make you feel more at ease and balanced with all your responsibilities. Your number one enemy? The mess. Here are a few tips we can share with you on how to keep your kids’ messy toys organized.

  • Organize to organize

We do not blame kids for why they are so messy. When kids play, you can expect their toys to be sprawled everywhere on the play area. In fact, these are the moments when their creativity and other skills become improved. Beautiful things usually come hand in hand with mess and ruin. So. What is usually left from our kids’ play areas is the mess they have left. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for kids to clean up after their mess without having to nag them incessantly. The only thing you need to do is organize the places where your kid should put their toys. The more fun and creative your kids toy storage ideas are, the better. Invest in fun, ergonomic, and kid-friendly storage bins and organize where you will place them in their play area.

2. Share your blessings

If you observe your kid, they do not really play with all their toys. They usually just have favorites. With this, it is time to declutter with your kid and give away all the other toys that they no longer play with. Having lots of toys does not necessarily mean more fun and games for your kid. As early as now, teach your kids to declutter and just hold on to things that they really use and love. This practice is also a good way to teach your kids the value of sharing and fairness.

3. Choose toys wisely

Related to the second point, it will also help to properly choose the toys that you will buy for your kids. We mentioned that children’s playtime also develops some of their skills and intelligence. With this, you can choose only the toys that will improve these skills and competencies. Choose toys that are at the right age and level with your kids. This is not to say that you will prohibit your kids from getting the toys that they want, though. It is just good for them to have more options with toys that will help their growth. These toys can be puzzles, Lego, Play-Doh, or game boards. Dolls, role-play kits, and coloring books will also be good.

4. Get rid of the boxes

Unless your five-year-old kid is a professional toy collector who does not play with their toys and just displays them, you need to throw out the toys’ boxes. These boxes do not make your kids’ toy area more orderly if that is what you are aiming for. On the contrary, keeping your kids’ toy boxes just adds clutter. When there is clutter, there is dust and mosquitoes. The toys do not even fit again when you return them to these boxes. This is why you just need to invest in fun and colorful storage bins where your kid can store their toys.

5. Use your walls

At play areas and living rooms, our kids’ toys are just sprawled on the floor. Our tendency is to store these toys on the surface, leaving you with few spaces left. This situation is now where your creativity will be tested. Instead of focusing on the floors, cabinets, and surfaces, install storage on your walls, too. You can install storage bins that look like bookcases.

6. Group toys by category

What makes toys messed up again is when your kid could not find the right toy they are looking for because their toys are just randomly stored in bins. Their tendency is to look through these boxes, take our other toys, and make a complete mess in the area. This is the lesson why whenever you store your kids’ toys or any other stuff, make sure to group them by category. Grouping them by category will make it easy for your kid to find the right toy they are looking for immediately and with less mess.

7. Consider carts

We all know how kids love to move around and explore different places where they can play. When storing their toys, you can also consider putting them in carts. The best stuff to put in carts is their arts and crafts needs. Their new craft cart will push them to do art and other creative things on the go. Just make sure to look after them, or the white wall in your bedroom may be the next big canvass!

8. Kick out the monster under the bed

Your kids will no longer fear monsters under their beds if they know that only storage bins and toys are inside. You can free up more space by installing storage like rolling drawers, boxes, and more. You can keep here toys that your kids barely touch like board games, craft supplies, and train tracks.

Start ‘em young

Here are just a few tips for keeping your kids’ toys orderly. This way, you will have a more balanced and organized life. The key to maintaining your kids’ playroom organized is to teach them to be more orderly and to take care of their things. Make it your family bonding that is fun and enjoyable. Of course, you will need the right bins and materials where you can store their toys. You can check out stores and online shops like storables.com.