5 Effective Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen Like a Pro


Our kitchens are either messy or tidy—nothing in between. If your kitchen is a bit untidy, you do not need to feel ashamed since we know it is difficult to keep your kitchen organized. Even if you had designed it nicely, you would still come to a point when everything seems to be all over the place. Your cooking pans become sloppily piled at a corner; the cupboard that holds your spices and condiments is an eyesore because of the variety of packaging, and a lot more nightmare stories from our distressed homeowners. We have a solution for this. Do not worry because you would not need to turn your kitchen upside down and get a renovation again. Today, we are giving you tips for organizing and decluttering your kitchen. Check this out!

1. Take out all your kitchen items

The first thing you need to do to organize your kitchen is to take out all your kitchen stuff. Clearing out your kitchen cupboard and cabinets allows you to see the bigger picture. It allows you to see your kitchen as it is and assess the situation. Only by assessing its real state can you think of efficient kitchen storage ideas. It is important to throw out the things you do not need. Sometimes, we have expired food still stored in our cabinets. Assess your kitchen items, too, if you think you can donate them.

2. Consider your cooking spices and utensils

Experts say that you should start working on your stove—the place where most of the cooking happens. When fixing your kitchen, you should also prioritize ergonomics. Place your cooking spices and utensils near your stove, so you do not need to walk across your kitchen just to get them. When you are setting up your kitchen, you do not only think about its aesthetics. You also consider the best and most efficient way it can work.

As to where to place your cooking utensils and spices, you should also consider if you are left-handed or right-handed. Place it near your stove on the left or the right side, depending on your dominant hand. This way, you do not need to walk across your stove just to get the things you need. On the other side—the side opposite to your dominant hand—you can put the cooking needs you use less often.

As for your spices, experts recommend you put them near the stove, instead of what some homeowners do which is to put them in the pantry. Putting them somewhere far away from the stove will just make you run to and fro the pantry. We do not want burned food, do we? To make your spices organized and even aesthetically pleasing, try installing a countertop spice rack.

3. Place your other cookware near your stove

The same with your kitchen utensils and spice, you should also put your pans and pots close to your stove, depending again on your dominant hand. Place them on your right if you are right-handed and on your left if you are left-handed. Do the same for your baking trays. When organizing your cooking appliances, bring out on the counter those that you use every day only. This will help you avoid clutter. Surely, you do not use your blender, food processor, air fryer, and others every day, do you?

4. Strategize your silverware and dishes placement

You might be at a loss as to where you should put all your other dishes, china, and silverware. The tendency is for homeowners to place all of them in a single cabinet. Well, there is entirely no problem with this. However, we are aiming to maximize the use and convenience when using your kitchen.

The best way to store your dishes and other silverware is to place them nearest to where you think you will need them. For example, place your glasses or mugs in the cupboard near your fridge or coffee maker. Place your saucers or cereal bowls in a cupboard near your cereal or pantry. As for your plastic containers and other leftover containers, experts suggest putting them in a single cabinet or cupboard. They also suggest putting on the lid of each container instead of what other homeowners do, which is to stack them. By putting on the lid, you will avoid misplacing them, too.

5. Categorize your food when storing them

Just like when you are organizing other things, it is also important to categorize your food efficiently when storing them. When organizing your pantry, have a shelf designated for chips and other junk foods, for healthy options, canned goods, carbs, and other food. Have a separate shelf for baking needs, too.

The same goes for your fridge. Keep your vegetables in the bottom drawer, your condiments nicely placed in the fridge door, and your drinks together with other drinks. Designate a place only for dairy, meat, leftovers, and other things that you should put in the fridge.

Have the right storage tools

Now that you know some tips for organizing your kitchen, it is now up to you how you will apply and personalize them. Although, you might need the right containers and storage needs for your kitchen stuff. Get them from the right store that offers only reliable items like storables.com. You might find the right storage goods that fit your interior, too!