10 Office Gadgets and Accessories For Office Desk

best office gadgets to increase productivity

When it comes to practical life, office job is the most difficult thing out there. Your office is the place where you spend so many hours. To create a better atmosphere and to make your work fast, office gadgets have always performed the best part. Spending hours in office was never so easy, so why not fill your busy routine with the cool office gadgets.

There are so many gadgets for office present out there, but our list is something unique which you must check out. When it comes to choosing office gadgets, people prefer desk gadgets more than other gadget. But big companies picked office productivity gadgets rather than another gadgets.

Below is the list of the best office desk gadgets which you must check out. These gadgets do not only work best for your office but also for your home.

1# Cable Drop

Cable drop is among the best desk gadget which you must have in your office. Laptop, mobile, and other devices are a must thing which is always with you. Arrange their wires with this cable drop, so you don’t feel uncomfortable while working. It doesn’t matter if you have millions of cables with you, connect them with your cable drop and you are good to go. Isn’t it a cool office gadget to hang out with?

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Must have Cool office desk Gadgets
Image: BlueLounge

2# USB Desktop Aquarium

This office gadget for desk worked for me all the time whether I am in the office or home. You can call it both best office gadget or your home gadget. You have seen your boss having an aquarium with lots of fishes but why not to use this aquarium for holding your things.

The best part of this aquarium is that you can have it at your office and at your home too. This will also change the outlook of your office. You can also see LED lamp and faucet in it.

cool usb gadgets for office

3# Wall Mounted TV Board

Wall Mounted TV board is among the unique gadget I have seen so far. This big screen looks cool on your office wall. You can display your office performance on this screen combining it with a web dashboard tool. It’s an innovative idea and will increase your office productivity. You can connect this office gadget with other devices also like AirTame, Rise Vision and Chromecast.

Home office TV

4# Hardware Encrypted HDDS and SSDS

This is the best home office gadget which you can use anywhere whether you are at your work, traveling or working at home. It provides high-capacity and very secure portable storage. Even this is great for your business as it collects the most sensitive data so that you can transport it easily.

This gadget can store more data than other devices. Meanwhile, it also works as a cool USB gadget. They are pin authenticated, so you don’t have to worry about your data loss.

Store your data with this office productive gadget
Image: Viasat

5# Solar Window Charger

What happens when you will be out of battery during your work? The answer is your solar window charger; you don’t have to worry about electricity you just need to charge this near your window where sunlight comes directly. This charger is designed with XP waves which will help to get solar energy from sunlight. This charging gadget is easy to use and works all the time.

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Portable Solar Charger for office
Image: Alibaba

6# Camera USB Drive

This camera shaped drive helps you to move your camera photos to your computer. So you don’t have to follow those long steps to move your pictures to Laptop or PC. All you need to do is just attach this device to your computer and transfer pictures. There is no need of carrying external drives with you when you have this office tech gadget with you.

electronic gadgets for office

7# Desk View standing Desk

During office, 80% of your time is spent in front of your desk doing work. According to the recent research having a desk view, light weight standing desk gadget increases office productivity by 15%.

This unique design desk allows you to work along with any window in your office. If you are tired of sitting in front of your computer all the time, just grab this gadget and attach to your window. The surface of this desk is lightweight, and you can hold it without your hands. Also if you want to carry pens and notepads, you can do it.   

Office desk gadgets
Image: thegadgetflow

8# Keyboard Dusting Brush

It’s a nightmare when you have to clean your keyboard with the help of cotton or even brushes that don’t work correctly. Sometimes you end up messing everything. This keyboard dusting brush can be your helping hand. It is designed especially just for keyboards so that you can clean it quickly. Even you can use this gadget at your home for cleaning window blinds and even for your car vents.

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Cleaning dusting gadget

9# Flat Panel Monitor

This cool desk gadget comes with three drawers to handle your mess around your desktop. If you are working and don’t want to get distracted from those paperclips, post-its, pens, and highlighters around you, just collect and put them in your draws.

This cool office gadget will give your computer a comfortable height. Flat panel monitor also has a minimalist design which makes your desktop look much sleeker. It is best for collecting your cool desk accessories.

10# Universal Touch Screen Pen

Another one of the best cool desk gadgets is Universal Touch Screen Pen. This pen works with all the devices like Apple, iPad, iPhone, Kindle fire, Galaxy, and Blackberry. The pen is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it if your kids are best in throwing pens of yours. Remember to use this pen only with the touchscreens gadgets. Use it as a small soft-tipped paint brush on your touchscreen. So if you are working at an office or home, this gadget is the best thing to have with you all the time.

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Universal Touch Screen Pen

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