Top 3 Water Proof Wireless Earbuds That You Should Try

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Listening to music is the passion of every individual and brings joy specially when a person is alone or traveling. Earbuds play a key role in order to enjoy your favorite track fully. Both wired and wireless earbuds generate ears pleasing sound but wireless are mostly favored because they do not interfere with your activities and they can be carried easily from one place to another.

The sad part in earbuds is their durability session, as they are very delicate so can get faulty easily. The main factor in decreasing the durability of earbuds is the contact of sweat or moisture. So, to save you from this, we are here with the three best wireless earbuds which are fully waterproof and thus sweat has no effect on them. Let’s get started!

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Soundcore Spirit Pro

These earbuds have an excellent sound quality and amazing durability. Along with this, they are very comfortable to use.

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The design of earbuds is made unique by the small ear wings which can be seen along with the earpieces. Upon wearing them, the ear wings fit well in the ear canal and thus they maintain their position even if a person is running. In addition, you can find three different size ear tips in the box that is small, large, and medium so one can choose that fit perfectly.

Build quality of earbuds is due to the material used in the making of them. Although they are made up of plastic of a high quality due to which, Spirit Pro is extremely durable. The durability period is enhanced further due to the waterproof ability and thus sweat and moisture cause no harm to them.

Sound Quality

After listening to your favorite track on these earbuds, you will be astonished due to the amazing sound quality. At both low and high mids sound quality is acceptable and distortion-free, though some noise can be heard at very high frequency. But the overall sound generated by them is very pleasing and specially when EQ mode is activated, the result gets further better.

Phaiser BHS-790

BHS-790 is the latest and newest model from Phaiser’s family that comes with all the features that one is expecting from wireless earbuds.

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Looking upon the earpieces, you will see anti-drop wings attached to them. As these earbuds are specially designed for players and sportsmen, therefore they are highly fitting in the ears. Moreover, the neckband and the wires are ultra-thin due to which you do not have to bear extra weight on your neck. The top of the back of the earpieces are magnetic, so when not in use, they form a necklace around your neck which looks very cool.

As they are specially designed for sportsmen so their build quality is rigid and is fully waterproof. In the playground contact with sweat occurs frequently, but don’t worry they are resistant to it and there is no chance of any sort of damage.

Sound Quality

Along with durability and highly fitting design, sound quality is none the less. The earbuds come with dual 8mm speakers due to which sound generated is fresh and crunchy. Along with this, bass reply is also acceptable which can pump you up specially when your energy is almost consumed. On top of that, they possess noise-canceling technology that isolates music from environmental noise and your ears only receive the pleasing sound.

JBL Endurance Sprint

Although these look bulky in appearance, they are extremely comfortable in use and offer distinguished sound quality.

Jbl Cheap wireless earbuds


Ear hook and fitting ear tips enable them to maintain their position firmly without a zero percent drop-page chance. If you are frightened by the bulky appearance then you should know that it is for balancing due to which they do not fall in robust physical activities.

Further, the build quality is amazing and the earbuds are completely waterproof. One other amazing feature in this design is that they are touch-sensitive. So, for handling calls or media playback, you don’t have to press the buttons harder.

Sound Quality

At both mids and highs, the sound generated is natural and enjoyable but certainly, they are not for audiophiles. Further, soft foam like ear tips plays an effective role in noise canceling. The best part is that they minimize sound leakage so one can use them in places like libraries.

Bottom Line

If you are living in a hot area where access sweating occurs or your earbuds are frequently damaged by moisture then these three will solve your problem. Also, if you are sportsmen then again due to highly fitting design they are the best. On top of that if your budget is limited then go for them because they all fall under $50.

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