Best PUBG Tips and Tricks For Gamers

PUBG Tips and tricks

PUBG, ever since its launch, has been hauling the market by a storm. The main reason is why the majority of people tend to end up inclining more towards this, is mainly because of an amazing range of graphics as well as the potential opportunities that you do get in the game. That being said, much like any other game, even this one stands out for its fair share of tips and tricks that not many people are credentialed aware of.

In this, we are going to be discussing the amazing range of PUBG mobile tips and tricks that you possibly don’t even know about. But before reading this, you should check the best mobile devices for gaming to play like a pro gamer.

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Stick to the first or third person view

The most important trick to know about is to stick to the first or even the third person view while playing the game. This helps in ensuring that you have a better outlook on the overall gameplay. Not only that, it has also been found to have a beneficial impact on gaining that chicken dinner.

Turn on the peek and fire

Yet another one of the amazing PUBG mobile tips is to switch on the peek and fire. Enabling this allows you to stay behind a cover and even allows you to take the shots without exposing too much of yourself in the process. This more or fewer acts like a shield that can protect you from being killed by other players.

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Pubg tips for beginners
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Make use of the gyroscope

The gyroscope in this game is for a good reason and it is important that you make use of it in an optimal way. It uses the gyroscope of your phone to effectively aim down the targets and get rid of them. It helps you get a better aim at your enemy to prevent missing them out and causing an issue altogether.

Look out for the landing spots

The landing spots play quite an important role in the overall game but not many realize this until its very late. To see Places like Pochinki and such have a high amount of loot but the same is also loaded around with a lot of enemies which can end up hampering your life. Many people forget that the main objective of the game is to survive and not kill.

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Best tricks for pubg game
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Close the doors

After you enter any of the houses around, make sure that you do close the door of the house completely. The houses around act as a shelter so the majority of the enemies take shelter which is why it’s always best suggested to close the doors once you enter the house to prevent someone else from entering the place.


PUBG is ruling out in the battleground game genre and all for the right reasons. If you have been struggling with the game, we definitely do hope these tips and tricks come in handy to swerve through the way to get that ultimate chicken dinner.

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