Best Survival Gadgets and Tools To Use in Extreme Situations

Best Survival Gadgets and Tools to use in emergency situations

Planning to visit the mountains for trekking or going to explore a new desert outside the city? Well, do not forget to pack survival gadgets because you never know what is going to happen in next minute. Either you may be stuck in a forest or your car’s tire may burst and you need to stay at an unwanted place, so having a collection of some handy survival tools is necessary to overcome such emergency situations. In this blog post, we are going to list some best survival gadgets and tools that must be a part of your traveler’s bag.

6 Best Survival Gadgets and Tools:

Survival Emergency Kit

It is one of the best life-saving gadgets. In fact, it is a survival backpack that is equipped with everything you may need in an emergency either you are going on camping, hiking or any adventurous journey.

The survival backpack contains more than 30 handy tools including pliers, a headlight, survival bracelet, wire saw, a carabiner compass, and most importantly the first aid kit. This backpack is a blessing for you in disasters and one of the best gifts for your adventure lover friends. Check for more details and the price of this wonderful kit at Amazon.

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Survival Emergency kit
Credit: Amazon

Portable Water Filter: LifeStraw

It’s really difficult to find pure water while in a forest or anywhere far from the city. This portable water filter straw can remove 99.9% of waterborne bacteria, parasites, and protozoa from the water. It is one of the best survival tools that can save your life in difficult conditions.

Water Purifier Survival Gear
Image: LifeStraw

Survival Slingshot

It is not an ordinary slingshot, but a complete package of survival tools. This portable and waterproof kit includes an easy-to-use slingshot, an emergency whistle, a fire starter, and a self-defense tactical pen. It is among the best survival tools in extreme situations.

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Emergency Survival Equipment Kit
From Amazon

Stormproof Matches with a Waterproof Case

You really need fire in emergency situations either for lighting purposes in a dark night or to cook something on it. Well, these stormproof matches with 3 strikers are the best tools to use in extreme situations. This handy kit can be purchased from Amazon.

Stormproof Matches
Credit: Amazon

Survival Bracelet Watch

This 6-in-1 survival watch is one of the coolest survival gadgets as it provides you assistance during climbing, boating, backpacking, hiking, and many other adventure activities. It consists of a watch, thermometer, whistle, compass, paracord, and a scrapper.

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Survival Bracelet Watch
From Amazon

Credit Card sized Survival Multitool

This multitool is a credit card sized survival gadget that provides you with 22 multi-functional uses in different situations such as fishing, camping and trekking. This card includes needles, tweezers, snare locks, and fishing hooks. Along with this handy tool, the seller also provides free eBook on wilderness survival.

Survival MultiTool Card Sized
Credit: Amazon

Final Words

While traveling outstations, it is highly recommended to equip yourself with all the necessary tools and must inform at least one friend or a family member about your plans, so they can easily find you in case of an extreme situation.

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