Best Gaming Glasses For Every Gamer

Best gaming glasses for gamers

Are you a serial gamer? Or a coder? Or your work requires a long time sitting idle in front of a computer screen? Normal eyesight is a blessing, and if you use your computer and mobile phone regularly, it may be damaged. Well, a pair of gaming glasses could be your savior of the eyesight. There are many other benefits of using a pair of gaming glasses. This article is a complete guide for you and enlightens about the importance of gaming glasses.

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Just Know it & Get a Pair of Gaming Glasses:

Staring at the computer screen for more than five minutes can cause permanent eye damage? If yes, you might be aware of the importance of a pair of gaming glasses and get yourself one; if no, educate yourself and get yourself a pair of glasses.

Glasses are certainly a treat not only for gamers but also for a programmer or writer who spends unlimited time in front of the monitor screen. Gamers’ glasses are essential to guard eyes against harmful blue rays that emit from the monitor screen, also help in the mitigation of eyesight. There are numerous other reasons to use glasses to prevent partial or complete eye problems.

Why Do You Need Gaming Glasses?

Gaming glasses prevents the blue light to enter your eye, this filtration makes the use of the computer a nicer for your eyes, less tiring experience. In short, glasses reduces eye fatigue, so you can live with healthful eyes. Gaming glasses helps in the cure of insomnia, helps in better sleep which eventually helps in feeling fresher.

Dry and tired eyes have become a regular eye problem since technology has innovated, but to protect the eye is also an essential part of living. Gunnar glasses are used to prevent CVS (COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME), which is caused by prolonged exposure to computer screens. It makes the vision clearer and larger images which give you edge over the other player to perform better.

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Computer gaming glasses
Image: Gunnar

Best Glasses in Less Money

Gaming glasses are a real thing, however, rarely used. Optic companies, therefore, are concerned more about the cost, as it is human nature to try a lesser expensive thing for the first time to test results. For the best and tested results, people often attract by Gunnar gaming glasses.

There are several brands for glasses among them some of the most famous brands have broken record sales and created awareness about harmful rays’ emitters. Here is a list of a few of them:


Gunnar is for gaming glasses what Ray-Ban is for sunglasses. A few of the most trusted optics for eye care. Gunnar glasses covers whole eye area to prevent dry air to affect the eyesight meanwhile custom tint protects from HEV (High Energy Visible) light.

Gunnar glasses are versatile not only in quality but in style as well. These pairs of glasses are used to reduce frequent headaches and other vision-related medical issues caused by prolonged stare at computer or cell phone screens.

Gamers often choose Gunnar as they are one of the famous gamer glasses ever brought to the limelight, but the actual reason is they are also cool, light-weighted, and comfortable. Gunnar glasses have many exciting collections but some new users complain about being too stiff on the face, also being too expensive for a common man.

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gunnar glasses review


Phantom edition by Gunnar is a bit uncomfortable to wear because of its flat design yet simultaneously it makes it easier to focus and read the text. These glasses not only improve eyesight but also stimulates your performance in the game, so you eventually realize how bad gamer you were before.


This edition is designed for computer users specifically. The rim is thicker and updated, absolutely light-weighted, and fragile. Well, Gunnar has been loved for a reason, ultimately one of it is that they offer replacements in less money.


Hyperx is the next emerging optics company to compete with Gunnar’s so far. People have liked HyperX for some reason, crystal clear lens is one of them. It is one of the most essential parts to protect the eyes from fatigue.

A pair of gaming glasses contain numerous features like colored tinting and an anti-reflective lens. HyperX stood out with its rocking clear lens without the yellowish tint. The lenses are not polarized but protect from UV lights. This innovation in glasses favored the company in a positive manner, making it the best eyewear to be used in front of a computer screen.

The HyperX pair of glasses are smartly designed with top-notch hardware quality. So, you can use them for a prolonged stare at the screen without any worries or hassle, hence, comfortably. HyperX usually has normal designs of specs, not an extraordinary gaming type of googles which feel so heavy on a face, rather gives headaches than lessening it.

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hyperx gaming glasses

Price for Glasses:

Price is an issue for those who couldn’t afford to buy a pair of glasses worth a hundred dollars, however, health is priceless and it is vital to protect the eyes from any kind of harm. Check for an additional feature like warranty and designing to fix you.

Gaming glasses for gamers and computer users are an advancement for the protection of eyes and retina. Even if you are a graphic designer or a video editor, it is an unquestionable need of all avid computer users. They are functional and fashionable tech glasses that can do both jobs simultaneously; protect eyes and make you look damn cool.

Final Words:

Once you make your mind to get a pair of gaming glasses, you must consider one which suits the best for you. The budget could be a critical point that affects your choices, but it is an investment worth doing. The price varies from $50 to $500, depends on your budget.

To conclude, glasses have various features for computer users, an essential one is to protect eyes obviously. It is better to do some research on the topic, and this article helps you know more about better sunglasses.

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