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Darts is a sport that everyone can enjoy irrespective of age or gender. People are playing for enjoyment, while others seriously approach this sport. The ’01 game is the most popular and ‘Cricket’ It’s American Cricket since it doesn’t include a reference to wickets, bats, balls, or runs. Shanghai is arguably the third largest dart game in the world. However, you can enjoy many games. Some are created for people that are not very skilled, while others need a lot of expertise to play successfully.

I’ve collected a collection of common dartboard games and rules to enjoy. They include ’01 common games, Cricket played extensively in America and Asia, Shanghai, Prisoner, and Half-it only to mention a few. I’ve included several of my own, too. The Grand National is a game that can be played at every level and one of my favorites most addictive 180 around the clock! This game can only be used to improve your accuracy by setting a point objective or playing with multiple players. To discover the rest, I leave you.

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Best Dart Games

The 01 Games

If you are playing in a dart league, tournament, or watching professional darts, you probably know two worldwide standards: 301 and 501.

These are two highly common dart games between competitors. The rules of the 01 games are fairly basic in fact.

But while the game is simple, the mechanics and the techniques of “out” actually demand a lot of talent.

How Many Players Are There

The games 301 and 501 normally take place with two players (1 v 1) or two teams.


All numbers in these dart games are at stake.

The most usual numbers are 20 and 19 since these are high percentage shots that get the most points and get you out sooner.

The inner eye of the bull is worth 50 points. The eye of the outer bull (a single bull) is worth 25 points.

How To Play 301 And 501

Each individual or team starts with 301 or 501 scores.

The objective of each game is to achieve a score of “0” by removing each triple score from your overall score.

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In Doubling

The 301 game begins with “doubling.” This implies you cannot start withdrawing points from 301 until you reach a double number on the dartboard.

Once a player achieves a double, the player can begin to deduct points by striking a single, double or triple number on the board.

That is why it is necessary to practice the external double ring so you can swiftly complete this part in a real game of 301.

Right in

The 501 game usually begins ‘straight in.’ This signifies that the start of the game is to hit one or more numbers on the board. If you entirely miss the scoring section, the next player is up.

Once on the board, you continue your turn and remove the points from the total of 501.

Out Doubling

A player must “double out” in either 301 or 501 to win. Doubling out means you have to double to the exact score of “0.”

For instance, if you have 28 left, you have to go out by hitting a double 14. If you hit less than that number, the rest of the game starts. If you had 28 left but hit a single 14, there would be 14 left. Now you’d have to hit a double seven to win.

You can see how pretty interesting this game is. And sure, many dart maths are involved. However, the more you play, the easier it is to score.

Tips And Strategies 301 And 501

Target for numbers on the board side when doubling in

If you are looking for the numbers on the side of the board (i.e. “15”), you enhance the chances of reaching an alleged double on the outside ring over or under the target. And it is everything you need to take your opponent ahead of you and begin to remove points.

Target high percentage points

Most players focus on 20 and 19 since they can maximize points in one turn. They are high percentage shots.

Side Note: “Ton 80,” or 3 triples 20 points, is the highest points in a single turn for a total of 180 points.


Players: 2 players or 2 teams

Play Numbers: bullseye, 20,19,18,17,16,15

Rules: The purpose is to “close” these numbers on the board and obtain the highest score. First, the player/team wins.

Each player/team turns tossing three darts into a row. To complete an entrance, the player/team has to make three points – three singles, one single, a double, or a triple.

Once a player/team scores 3, they ‘own’ it. Once a player/team closes an inning, he/she can score points until the opponent closes the inning. All numerical scores are added.

Once two players/teams have scored 3 times, it is ‘closed,’ and either player/team cannot score.

To close the bullseye, the outer bull is one, and the inner bull is double. In any order, numbers can be ‘owned’ or ‘closed.’ You don’t have to call your shot.

The player/team who first closes all inputs and has the most points, wins. Where both sides are bound by points, the winner is the first player/team to close all inputs. When a player/team closes all the inputs first but has to score any inputs behind, that are not closed until they make the points, or their opponent wins the game…


Players: Any player, but three or more

Play Numbers: Players determine the numbers used. Every player throws a dart to determine their number randomly using their opposite hand. You’ll have to throw again if you miss the board or hit a number already claimed.

Rules: Each player strives, by three throws a turn, to double the number of their own player – they are dubbed a murderer, and a K is placed on the scoreboard, next to their name.

Once a player is a murderer, they seek twice the number of opponents. Every player has three lives and when one murderer hits the opponent twice, the opponent loses a life. If a murderer erroneously hits his own duplicate, he loses one life. You can destroy an opponent totally in one turn by tossing three duplicates. The final player is the winner.

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Cricket English

Players: Two or two teams

Play Numbers: All numbers, however since each scoring has to be greater than 40, 20 are quite common.

Rules: Ten stripes are marked as wickets on the scoreboard. One player is batting while the other is bathing. First, the batter goes.

The job of the bowler is to erase these wickets by hitting bulls. Each bullseye erases a wicket, and every bullseye wipes two. The batter has to score as many (runs) points as possible while his wickets remain. The tough thing is that only 40 counts. For example, 37 Equals no runs. Scoring 45 Equals 5 runs and so on.

Scoring stops when the bowler takes out all ten wickets. The batter logs their final score and then swaps roles. The winner will be the player with the highest points or runs as a hitter.

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