How To Make Digital Signature For Excel

digital signature for excel

Excel employs digital signatures on the contents of the workbook to help confirm that the workbook has not been edited or saved since it was signed, which is important for data security. You can also use digital signatures to differentiate between workbooks and macros created by a trustworthy source and unwanted or potentially harmful workbooks or macro code created by an untrustworthy source (viruses).

A digital signature is made up of a public certificate and the value of the signed data, which is encrypted using a private key and signed with the public certificate. The value is a numerical value that is generated by a cryptographic algorithm for any data that you wish to sign. Because of this process, it is practically hard to make changes to the data without also modifying the subsequent output. As a result, by encrypting the value rather than the data, a digital signature assists a user in determining whether or not the data has been altered.

What Happens When I Use A Digital Signature? What Is A Digital Signature?

While it is possible to read and edit signed Excel workbooks, it is not possible to modify or save a signed workbook without nullifying the signature. Other users will be able to access a file that has been signed by you, for example. As long as the file’s signature remains intact, others will be able to tell that it was created by you and has not been altered.

Coding signatures for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro projects are distinct from code signatures for Microsoft Excel workbooks. This workbook has the ability to digitally sign its content, and you can also code sign your VBA macro project that is contained within it.

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What Types Of Excel Files Am I Able To Digitally Sign?

You have the ability to digitally sign any Excel worksheet or template. Excel versions prior to Microsoft Excel 2002, on the other hand, do not recognize the digital signature as a valid signature.

If you digitally sign a shared workbook, Excel will not maintain the digital signature since the workbook can be modified by more than one user at a time. Excel does not enable you to establish or modify macro projects once they have been set up as a shared worksheet, thus you will be unable to code sign a macro project in addition to the other limitations.

How Do I Go About Obtaining A Digital Signature?

It is necessary to have a digital certificate before you can use it to create a digital signature.

It is possible to receive a digital certificate or a code signing ID from a commercial certifying authority, your company’s internal security administrator, or a specialist in information technology (IT).

For no additional cost, a certification authority can provide you with a digital certificate or code signing ID. Before issuing a digital certificate, the certification authority conducts a thorough identification check on the recipient.

Please see the following Microsoft Web site for more information on how to obtain a digital signature or code signing ID:

Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Programs are a type of certificate that is trusted by Microsoft.

Microsoft Office includes the SelfCert.exe application, which allows you to easily generate a personal digital certificate for your own use or for testing purposes. This certificate, on the other hand, has not been validated by a Certificate Authority (CA).

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What Is The Best Way To Include A Digital Signature In A Workbook?

To add a digital signature to your worksheet, follow the steps below, making sure to use the correct instructions for the version of Excel you are using.

When Should You Sign Off On An Excel Document?

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to include a signature (or signature line) on an Excel page.

Here Is A Few Of The Most Frequently Encountered:

Accepting and approving internal accounting reports and data-intensive files.

Inviting clients to sign off on invoices, price tables, quotes, and receipts is a common practice.

For Excel documents that contain calculations that need to be verified by management or accounting personnel.

A client has specifically requested that a document be delivered as an Excel file.

If you create most of your documents in PDF or Microsoft Word formats, it is a good idea to have clear protocols in place for creating electronic signatures in Excel in the event that this becomes necessary at some point.

Excel Tutorial On How To Create An Electronic Signature.

In Excel, you have the option of adding a visible or an invisible signature to a document. On its own, you can construct a signature line that will allow recipients to indicate whether or not they agree with the content.

Take the actions outlined below:

  • Open the Excel spreadsheet in a new tab.
  • Choose the location where you want your signature to appear.
  • Select Text > Signature Line > Microsoft Office Signature Line from the Insert menu by clicking the Insert tab.
  • When this happens, a Signature Setup dialogue box will display. Fill in the blanks with the information you want to appear:
  • The name of the intended recipient is suggested as a signer (if you are signing the document, this will be your name).
  • The suggested signer’s title is the recipient’s work title, such as “manager” or “CEO,” for example.
  • The e-mail address of the suggested signer is the same as the email address of the receiver.
  • Instructions to the signer — You may include any further instructions you like.
  • Click OK after selecting the checkboxes at the bottom of the pop-up (“Allow the signer to…” and “Show sign date…”) if you want the signing date and/or comments to be displayed and if you want the signer to be able to add comments.
  • Double-click on the signature line to activate it (or right-click and select Sign). It is possible that you will be prompted to save the document.
  • A pop-up window will display if you do not currently have any digital certificates available. If you desire to obtain one, select Yes and follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, you can make your certificate by following the steps outlined here.
  • Enter your name into the field in the pop-up (or select a picture from your computer’s hard drive) and any further information you desire to include, then click the Sign button.

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How To Make A Signature That Is Not Displayed In Excel

As an alternative, you might include an invisible signature in your Excel workbook. Your signed paper will have a Signatures tab at the bottom of the page, which will look like this:

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Take The Actions Outlined Below:

  • Open the Excel spreadsheet in a new tab.
  • Select the File tab and then Protect Workbook > Add Digital Signature from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the blanks in the pop-up window and then click Sign.

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