Tips Of Valentines Day Emails

valentines day emails

Despite the fact that our world has changed dramatically since the last Valentine’s Day, February 14 remains a happy date for lovers and marketers alike. While couples express their affection with gifts and personal dinners, businesses increase their email volume by double and generate billions of dollars in sales.

If your competitors take advantage of the situation and increase sales, how can you stay afloat in the midst of mailbox clutter while setting new records for email marketing revenue?

The following are some quick-win techniques for converting your newsletter into a Valentine’s Day conversion machine.

What’s the best part? With the GetResponse email maker, you can now combine all of these valentine’s day marketing ideas into your newsletters and send them out to your subscribers.

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Contribute To Making Today Memorable.

We already know that Valentine’s Day will be different this year. The basic premise of the celebration, on the other hand, remains the same. As a result, don’t be scared to recognize and accept the change through email. Promote your product or service in any way that can be used to create a memorable evening in your own house.

As an illustration: It’s a nice email from Hulu, the streaming platform, that tells their consumers that they don’t have to worry about making plans since, with Hulu’s aid, they can spend the night watching the shows they enjoy.

Popular television lovers are featured in the email, which also includes the smart sentence “Love comes in all genres.”

Also noteworthy about the email below is how they include their own, distinctive branding elements such as voice, colors, and fonts into Valentine’s Day imagery and text.

A similar approach was taken by Taco Bell, which took advantage of the fact that people were spending time at home to remind customers that they could order a tasty meal to celebrate love from their restaurant. Tacos, of course, are a favorite of mine.

Taco Bell delivered a pretty cute Valentine’s Day email to their customers, in which they made numerous references to the reader’s enjoyment of their meal. Once again, the brand’s images were combined with Valentine’s Day imagery to create a stunningly beautiful email!

Emails For Valentine’s Day

Sending Valentine’s Day emails to your audience is a wonderful way to express your affection for them, whether you’re celebrating Valentines, Galentines, Valentines, or any of the other words-that-rhyme-with-valentines that were coined by marketing teams in the distant past. These emails, which are adorned with hearts, chocolates, flowers, red, white, and pink, are sent to customers to inform them about Valentine’s Day discounts, promotions, and messages of customer appreciation.

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Marketing For Valentine’s Day Via Email

Marketing during the holidays is a little different than marketing during the rest of the year. People are more inclined to make a purchase during the Christmas season, but you will face more competition from other brands during this time. So, what are some of the top Valentine’s Day marketing strategies? Discounts and discount codes are useful at any time of year, but a two-for-one coupon that can be used by both partners is especially appropriate for this holiday season. Contemplate how you can infuse the romance of Valentine’s Day into every area of your email, from the subject line to the style and content of the email itself. And think about who you can give gifts to a little more broadly: many individuals like to celebrate the holiday by giving gifts to instructors, friends, and even pets – rather than only to their significant others.

Begin As Soon As Possible.

If you’re organizing a special promotion or holiday campaign, make sure to notify your clients in advance so that they can take advantage of the offer. It was on January 6th when Paper Source announced their Valentine’s Day collection, and it was a successful move. However, while the majority of consumers aren’t thinking about Valentine’s Day buying quite that early, sending Valentine’s Day email a couple of weeks before the event — say, around February 1st — might be advantageous.

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Show Your Appreciation For Your Copy

Make sure you don’t forget about the copy in the body of your email – keep it short and sweet (and on-brand, of course). You can take a cue from Harry’s, who came up with the sweetest approach to ask clients to use their free trial:

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