Domain Availability Tool Review

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There are millions of domain names and a lot of online tools to find the available ones. We’ve prepared a domain availability tool review and would like to share our impressions.

What is our research about? It is about Domain Availability Checker from Sitechecker, which helps to check available domains in a few seconds.

So, it’s time to start the domain name checker review.

What is a Domain Name and Why Do You Need Domain Checking?

The domain name is the future address of your website. It represents your brand on the web and helps potential customers find your blog or online store. There is always an extension next to the name of the website, such as com, dev, app, store, and hundreds of others. Besides, there are country-specific extensions, for example, like us,, etc. Today, the most popular and the most difficult to find domain is com. A lot of experts and website owners consider this extension is the best. There are currently about 150 million registered site names with com.

Unfortunately, many successful names have already been taken. You can create your brand, build an awesome website, and then find out that the right name isn’t available for it. Disappointing, right? To prevent this from happening, make a domain availability check at the first. This step will also help protect your brand from cybersquatters.

We tested the Domain Availability Checker program from Sitechecker as if we had our own website to launch on the Internet. Below you’ll see our short domain checker tool review based on the research results.

How Does Domain Availability Checker Work?

The tool helps you look for domain names and extensions and find out if they are available or not.

How to search for a domain name:

  1. Before you start, think carefully about choosing a name for your future website. Ask yourself questions such as ‘What describes my blog/business is the best?’ or ‘What can users easily enter to quickly find my web page?’
  2. Enter the website name you came up with within the search bar on the tool page. Press ‘SEARCH’. Please note that the title must be written with http:// or https://. Otherwise, the search will not work.
  3. Wait a few seconds and check the results under the search bar. For example, we entered ‘happypet’ as the name of our future pet store. You can see the result in the screenshot below.

In short, a domain name ‘happypet’ with five different extensions has already been registered. The conclusion is we need to find an available extension or come up with another name for our pet store.

Features of the Domain Availability Checker tool:

  • The maximum number of characters for a website URL that you enter into the search bar is 63. The minimum number of characters is 1.
  • You can choose from 1000 available extensions like com, net, org, biz, and others depending on your needs and the availability of the particular extension.
  • Domain checking is done almost instantly. You only need a few seconds to find out the fate of the name of your future website.

What if the com extension is not available? Most website owners want a com option for their store or blog. But more often than not, it is already taken or expensive. In this case, you can choose among other TLD endings and find the most suitable one. For example, for a chess club your child goes to, the ‘club’ extension is suitable. Or you can register the site of the office in Canada with the extension ca. All website extensions are considered the same for SEO purposes. Google will not favor the com top-level domain.


We have done a web domain availability checking tool review and are ready to get our conclusions. Domain Availability Checker from Sitechecker is a convenient and fast tool for checking the availability of website names. Its advantage is in the speed of processing requests, as well as in showing different extensions. So you can see immediately which domain name and extension are unavailable. Use the tool to come up with and register the most suitable name for your future website.