Get Highest Snapchat Streak with these Snapchat Tricks

Highest Snapchat Streak score

Snapchat is not just an ordinary instant messaging app but a full package of newest features, emojis, and a plethora of other fun tools. One of them is a Snapchat Streak. The popularity of the streak can be measured easily when you come to know about the terms Highest Snapchat streaks or Highest Snapchat score. We have discovered several facts about the Snapchat streaks and going to explain all of them here. Before talking about the longest Snapchat streak, Let’s explore the world of the Snapchat streak.

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What is a Snapchat Streak?

When you and your friend snap (not chat) each other for more than three days consecutively at least within 24 hours, that means both of you are on Snapstreak. So, using this technique, people have created records of highest Snapchat streaks.

How to identify Snapstreaks?

You’ll see this emoji 🔥 next to your friend’s name along with the total number of streaks.

What is the Highest Snapchat score?

Although, there are many lists and articles about the highest snapchat streak. But officially, the highest Snapchat score is 1272 scored by a Snapchat user Nora. This score was recorded on 6 October 2018.

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Highest Snapchat score

What are Snapchat Streak Rules?

There are various streak rules to consider before proceeding further.

  • The 🔥 emoji or symbol will only appear after you have snapped for three consecutive days.
  • After sending the first snap, the users have to send the other one within 24 hours.
  • An hourglass symbol will appear when a user is about to lose his Snapstreak.
  • If a user follows the rules and still lose his streak, he can complain and get it back.
  • Snapchat Streak won’t work in the Group Chat.

How to increase Snapstreak Score using Snapchat Tricks?

Boost Snapstreak Score using Snapchat Tricks

1: Edit your Friends’ Names and add an ‘Aaa’

If you have hundreds of friends added on Snapchat you may face difficulty remembering the names of those who are on a Snapstreak with you. For example, a friend named ‘Zampa’ will not appear on top as his name starts with the letter ‘Z’. So, keep him in front of your eyes, edit his name to ‘AaaZampa’. He will be on top as the names are sorted alphabetically with those starting with A on top.

2: Set reminders

If you have a tough routine, you can set reminders to send snaps to your friends. By doing this, you won’t lose any streak. And if your streak is about to expire in midnight or early morning, setting a reminder or alarm would really help you. Simply, get up on the alarm, send a snap, and go to sleep again.

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Set reminders to send snaps to your friends

How to increase Snapchat score fast?

There are several tips and tricks to boost scores but that may consume a lot of your time. A number of apps have been launched to help you increase Snapchat score instantly. One of the best apps is SnapScore Booster. You can download SnapScore Booster APK here.

So, guys, these were some facts, tips, and tricks about the Snapchat streak. You too can score higher Snapchat streaks using these Snapchat tricks.

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